Terrible news, all: artificial intelligence learns how to rob

People want to argue that technology is value-neutral; that it is neither inherently good nor inherently bad, but it can simply be used for a variety of uses. In controversy, I want to draw the court’s attention to showing a) a video of “digital people” raping with sounds synthesized by artificial intelligence, which is inherently terrible.

Personally, I would argue that the video above not only undoes the whole value-neutral thing, but is also a good way to close this “technology” shell completely and head back to the trees before it’s too late. I mean, artificial intelligence is robbing, and I don’t like it.

Okay, so I’m a little harsh here and the video is a joke, of course. It is Copy, an artificial intelligence launch that does interesting things with synthetic speech. The company tells us that during a recent hack, one employee figured out how to capture the living sound of self-rap and transfer “the timing, cadence and energy of their deliveries to one of our artificial intelligence voices.” Combined with a little 3D animation and rendering, this video is the result.

For fairness, here is Replica’s mea culpa, emailed to us at:

“DISCLAIMER – we know this video is deep in the heart of a strange valley. This is not because the technology is bad, but because we are enthusiasts using 3D real-time rendering software – it is not our specialty. The only reason this video exists, is because the team created this company during internal hacking for fun with a new feature under development that is not yet open to the public.

That feature is a future integration to be announced at the GDC in July between Replica speech synthesis tools and Unreal Engine MetaHumans software that produces realistic CGI people. By combining these two tools, Replica says, anyone can “create a lip sync dialog for games and movies and even rap.”

However, as a reminder, you can too No make. Just an idea.

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