Tesla AI Day event: start time and streaming


Today is Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day, a kind of sequel to the company Autonomy Day the event was held in 2019. The event will be held at Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, broadcast live to the public from 17.00 PT / 20.00 ET (although the event may not start until closer to 17.30 PT).

We don’t have much detail about what will be announced, but the invitation will give Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s keynote speech, Tesla engineers ’hardware and software brochures, test drives on the Model S Plaid, and more.” Musk has also tweeted that the event’s “only goal” is to attract robotics and artificial intelligence experts to come to work at Tesla.

Tesla usually hosts about two public events a year. This year we got the Tesla Model S Plaid release event in June and now AI Day. In recent years, Tesla has organized events not to introduce new products, but to highlight certain technologies that the company believes are crucial to its future development. Last year, Tesla held first Battery day event, where it discussed plans to reduce battery development costs with the goal of producing a $ 25,000 electric car.

AI Day is expected to highlight themes that were first introduced during Autonomy Day, including the fabrication of Tesla’s own silicon computer chips to use the full self-driving advanced driver assistance feature.

This AI day comes at a difficult time for the company. Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it was Tesla autopilot nearly a dozen accidents in which its cars collided with emergency vehicles. Also two democratic senators called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the matter Tesla’s marketing practices for potentially misleading information.

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