Tetris Effect: Connected will finally come to Switch in October


Major Tetris The game of the last decade is finally coming to Switch. As part of today’s Indie World Showcase, Nintendo announced it Tetris effect: Combined arrives at Switch on October 8.

Coming away temporary exclusivity With Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, Tetris effect: Combined is a 2018 multiplayer expansion Tetris effect. Designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator behind the trippy musical shooter Res, Tetris effect fast stacking of blocks combined with slick and impossibly beautiful images and sounds. In Tetris effect, classic Tetris gameplay remained unchanged. Players continued to drop various shaped blocks into brain-pleasing configurations, clearing the rows as the block stacks slowly piled up. But Tetris effect was also a full audiovisual sensory experience with colorful sights and cool sounds that added new depth to the 1984 classic.

Released for Xbox, PC, PlayStation and VR platforms, Tetris effect received a multiplayer update in 2020 Tetris effect: Combined. Incorporated Added online or local multi-level multiplayer and collaboration modes that allow players to go head-to-head or work together in search of an increasingly elusive line-destroying Tetris. Originally only for Xbox and Game Pass, Tetris effect: Combined will be on all platforms later this fall.

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