Thanks to Rickroll, Never Gonna Give You Up gets a billion YouTube plays


official video Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” has surpassed a billion plays on YouTube. The song became a permanent part of Internet culture thanks to the Rickroll meme and reached an impressive milestone a couple of days ago. Astley took the video comments to share her gratitude, saying “amazing, crazy, gorgeous!” In a video posted on Instagram, he added “the world is a wonderful and beautiful place and I’m lucky”.

Some songs crossed up to 7 billion views In recent years, the billion club has not been quite as respected as before. But the achievement shows the enduring power of the Rickroll stick. The video garnered 2.3 million views daily on April Day Billboard. There have only been one in the last couple of years Fortnite emoticons and a fan 4K remasters.

In 2008, the man himself Rickrolled Macy Thanksgiving Parade. Meme was also utilized excellently when The San Diego Padres drove the Boston Red Sox just as the fans thought they were going to release the choir for the song “Sweet Caroline”.

Astley celebrated joining a billion gaming club by releasing a limited edition already sold out A 7-inch blue vinyl print that is an essential 80’s jam.

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