That’s why Apple says it hates leaks


Apple is a notoriously secretive company and stopped the letter recently bought Motherboard illuminates the new exactly why claiming the leaks will harm accessory manufacturers, consumers, and Apple itself.

According to a C&D order sent by Apple lawyers in China, Chinese citizens are told that leaks about the dimensions of Apple’s iPhone could mislead casing manufacturers, who may manufacture accessories that are incompatible with the final product. As Apple says, “third-party accessory manufacturers can develop and sell cell phone cases and other accessories that are not actually compatible with unreleased products.” Motherboard notes that Apple ‘s accessory market is estimated at nearly $ 20 billion worldwide.

Apple also says the leaked information prevents the company from surprising and delighting consumers at startup events. “Apple has made every effort to take strict measures to maintain the confidentiality of all information about Apple products prior to their official release to ensure that every time Apple releases a new product, it can surprise the public,” the letter reads. “The secret to Apple’s latest technological innovation is an important part of the company’s DNA.”

“Such situations harm the interests of consumers and Apple. It is therefore clear that when undisclosed information about the design and performance of Apple products is kept confidential, it has real and potential commercial value, ”Apple reads in the letter.

The letter was sent as part of what appears to be crack down selling prototypes of unannounced Apple products on social media. Factory workers claim to steal these devices and sell them to anyone who can benefit, often leading to the disclosure of product-related information long before their official announcements.

Motherboard reports that the law and letter of rejection it received are dated 18 June. It is unclear how many people were sent similar letters, but it states that the month is the same as the seller’s Twitter account that used the name “Mr. White” disappears from the basket.Also in June, a leak known as “Kang” was revealed in Weibo that they had received notification from the company and announced that they would stop publishing future devices.

In addition to what Apple outlines in its letter, there are many reasons why companies widely understand the desire for their unannounced plans to be made public. Disclosure of confidential product information may allow competitors to begin developing copiers ahead of time. And by hearing the updated device is on its way, people may be less likely to buy an existing model of the so-calledOsborne effect. “

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