The affordable Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 4G were officially introduced


The affordable Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 4G were officially introduced

Nokia There are mainly cheap phones these days. After the presentation entry-level 5G-compatible XR20 In the smartphone, the Finnish company has now returned to the Duo special phones that cost less than 50 euros: Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 4G.

These basic phones don’t use KaiOS, and that’s probably something that many Nokia fans will appreciate because there are problems with the platform. The best thing about the Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 4G, in addition to the low price, is the color options.

The Nokia 105 4G is sold for € 35 and is available in three different colors: black, blue and red. On the other hand, the Nokia 110 4G costs € 40 and is available in black, yellow and watercolor.

Oddly enough, the Nokia 105 4G doesn’t have a camera, so a lower price. In addition to the fact that both phones are quite similar when it comes to hardware (via NokiaMob): Unisoc T107 processor, 128 MB RAM, 48 MB internal memory (expandable with microSD memory), 3.5 mm audio connector and 1020 mAh battery.

While these features have been confirmed to arrive in Europe, we expect Nokia to bring them to emerging markets as well, because they are so cheap.

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