The alleged Samsung phone breaks into flames in the inner bag; Singing human arm, hair: Watch the video


In a shocking incident, a phone held inside a man’s bag suddenly caught fire in China. Her hair, arms and lashes were sung according to a video posted by SCMP News on Twitter. The man claimed it was a Samsung phone he had bought in 2016. He also said the phone’s battery was not replaced and was not charging when it caught fire in a street walk. The event will be investigated according to the shared video.

In a video posted by the South China Morning Post’s Twitter handle on April 20, a man and woman walked a crowded street. Suddenly there is a spark in his bag, followed by a small explosion of flames. This prompts him to drop the bag on the street and check himself. The video also featured burns on his arms and singing of hair and eyebrows. Although the charred phone was later shown in the video, it could not be verified whether it really was Samsung phone.

Many users on the site Twitter speculated that the swollen battery could be the cause of the fire. “Swelling of the battery can be one reason; secondly, there may be other objects in the bag that are in contact with the inside of the phone, maybe the back cover is not in order. Why do the Chinese use such old phones when they come out with new phones every month,” Stoney (@tony_dsilva) .

Another user, Jackie Lan (@ jackielan2000), tweeted that there was no reason to mention the brand name because the phone was five years old and must have had a swollen battery. “There’s no reason to name the brand. It’s a 5-year-old phone. The battery needs to be swollen now. The battery of the ZTE BA910, bought in 2017, swelled 2 years later and lucky it didn’t catch fire.”

Gowtham (@ GowthamM87) tweeted the man had to use a bulging battery and added that Samsung was dealing with the matter when the Galaxy Note 7 reported it in 2017.

In 2016, Samsung reminded 191 000 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reported battery overheating cases in China. It had also warned customers around the world to turn off the equipment.

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