The Amazon Echo Show 10.1 smartphone with Alexa has a $ 80 discount on Woot


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The second-generation Amazon Echo Show in 10.1-inch size is now available at a massive 35% discount. The price of the Echo Show 2nd Gen has never been lower and the offer is only today, so you better hurry. The deal applies to both sandstone and charcoal.

An updated version of the Echo Show 10.1 smart display is on the market, but the 2nd generation still has a lot to offer.

If you’re interested in making your home smart, the Echo Show is a great way to get started. The device has a 10.1-inch HD screen, as the name suggests, which can show you weather, news reports, podcasts and even live TV and sports if you have Hulu order. Music streaming services Apple Music and Spotify are also supported.

The 2nd generation Echo Show acts as a speaker, similar to other Alexa devices, and can be especially useful in the kitchen for reading recipes or watching food channels on YouTube.

Amazon Alexa is also present. The voice assistant allows you to check and change the schedule, check the traffic, etc. it.

Woot will charge $ 6 for shipping, but if you sign in Amazon Prime the account before sending to the checkout is free.


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