The Apple Watch Series 6 has once again been discounted on many different models


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If you are in the market for one the best smart watches that money can buy, you may have to face as old a problem as the technology industry itself. This is due to reform Apple Watch Series 7 is just around the corner (more or less), while last year’s edition of the world’s most popular smart watch also looks incredibly compelling.

Obviously, if you’re willing to wait another four months before making your next big dress purchase, you probably shouldn’t “settle for” the “boring old one” Apple Watch Series 6.

But if patience isn’t the biggest virtue and / or you want to spend as little as possible just on a smartphone that’s only for the iPhone, it may not be such a bad idea to pull the trigger today.

For example, a 44mm stainless steel graphite device with a black sports strap and built-in LTE speeds is currently on sale for a whopping $ 132.57 at a lower (no doubt too high) list price of $ 749.

At the same time, preferred hunters are happy to hear that a 40mm conversion of the entry level, which lacks a cellular connection, grabs discounts ranging from about 50 to 70, in a variety of colors. Directly explosive or unprecedented, these contracts should help you regret your purchase too much if you feel like you simply can’t wait for next month The main day 2021 festival.
The same goes for buyers of just one 44mm GPS Apple Check out the Series 6 version of the eye-catching (product) RED painting, which gets $ 54 less than usual, and a number of other models that sell cell phone features are also sold at substantial discounts of between $ 50 and $ 100.

With an explosive fast S6 processor, this bad boy is about as full of features as today’s smartwatches, including everything from life-saving ECG monitoring technology to state-of-the-art blood oxygen sensor, sleep monitoring, and a set of special activity monitoring tools that are more complex and reliable than ever before.

If you think about it, Series 7 is unlikely to bring any game-changing new health monitoring capabilities to the table, although the raw speed perspective will no doubt be improved … again. In other words, if you don’t like the design of the Series 6, there may not be much reason to expect a potentially sophisticated but not completely revamped sequel.


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