The Apple Watch Series 7 could use a new cool trick to extend battery life


The Apple Watch Series 7 could use a new cool trick to extend battery life

If there’s anything, Apple has made it incredibly easy to predict its next-generation smartwatch style before The design of the Series 7 actually leaked about a month ago, it is clearly a brand of processor that is powered by said future wearable device.

But what exactly does the named S7 SiP (System in Package) bring table wrist later this year … with the exception of typical promises to improve overall performance compared to the S6 in the 2020s Apple Watch Series 6, which in turn was faster than the S5 engine Series 5, and so on?
While we may not get a correct and 100% reliable answer to that $ 1 million question until September, when Apple Watch Series 7 is the widely expected official, new paywalled Digitimes report forwarded (for free) by MacRumors reveals one very interesting detail about the S7 chip that could make an important upgrade possible.
Although this is not very carved into the stones at the moment, the S7 may shrink in size from its predecessors the so-called Thanks to the “double-sided” design, which in turn can free up valuable space under the Hood. Applethe next big smart watch.
Said space could easily be filled with a larger-than-ever battery without affecting the size or weight of the actual smartwatch, which always improves the crucial and rarely satisfactory durability between charges.

As you may have already noticed, there are a lot of “cans” and “spices” associated with this rumor, so until another source (preferably more reliable) ultimately confirms only assumptions these days, you probably shouldn’t wake up to your hopes for considerable battery life.

After all, it’s possible that Apple will use the remaining space for potential two-way chip technology integration to place entirely new components or features.

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