The AR mobile game, which hunts Witcher monsters, was released on July 21st


Witcher: Monster Slayer, coming Pokémon Go-like Added reality game for mobile devices Witcher universe, published 21. July, CD Projekt Red announced on Friday. It is available for free on both platforms.

In Monster Slayer, you can explore the world around you and fight threatening virtual monsters in AR. You will also continue story-driven missions that will take you through epic adventures Witcher a series that takes you deep in your heart to what it means to be an elite monster killer. ” according to the game website. The game was first announced in August 2020.

If you use Android, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play right now. If you do, you can play the game as soon as it starts, and you’ll get access to a special sword that will give you an extra experience of every monster kill.

The announcement will appear a week before WitcherCon, A franchise celebration hosted by CD Projekt Red and Netflix hit TV series. The event could become exciting news as it seems likely that we will hear more information about the second season of the show (which Netflix has already shared very short teaser), and CD Projekt Red has already promised a next-generation upgrade Witcher 3 Is will be released this year.

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