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Even in 2021, AppleThe eighth-generation budget iPad is without a doubt the most affordable overall to buy a tablet for at least its next iteration in September. If you have selected 10.2 inches 2020 iPad (8th generation) and you’re looking for a great case to be in the right place to provide protection and make your tablet functional and stylish! Let’s look at the best cases of both 10.2-inch iPads Apple and reputable third parties.

Apple Smart Cover for iPad (8th generation)

Nothing beats the tested design of Apple’s own Smart Cover. As expected, the new smart cover is not distinctive from the iPad 7 cover. It’s the same minimalist, magnetic cover that can easily turn into an iPad stand, making watching videos or participating in video calls a completely hands-free feature for you. . This cover is easy to remove because it attaches to the iPad via magnets, and it also wakes the iPad or puts it to sleep when you open and close it. One thing to keep in mind is that this cover provides no protection on the back of the iPad, so keep scrolling , if you are looking for the best scratch or drop protection. Otherwise, if you want a simple, thin and light, easy-to-attach and detachable cover and stand – the Apple Smart Cover is the best choice. It also comes in several fun colors in addition to basic black and white, including Cyprus Green, Deep Navy, Pink Citrus and Cactus.

Apple – Smart Cover for Apple® iPad® 10.2 “(8th Generation 2020)

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (8th generation)

Like the Smart Cover, this conveniently attaches to the iPad via magnets and can support it. But you also get a soft full-size keyboard that makes your iPad a very compact and lightweight computer, perfect for schoolwork and other situations that involve a lot of typing.

When you don’t need a keyboard, you can still use it as a stand or screen cover, or alternatively, you can disconnect it from iPad in an instant. The thinness and ease of use of the smart keyboard cannot be overstated, and it is second to none with this iPad. However, it has its drawbacks, such as just two viewing angles and no backlight.

Apple – Smart Keyboard for iPad (8th Generation)

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPad (8th Generation)

This clear and lightweight case made of hard plastic and silicone protects the back and sides of the iPad from drops and scratches. It can also be connected to the iPad with the smart keyboards and smart cover listed earlier, adding extra protection to the mix without being a barrier.

In this case, the sport also has a handy holder Apple pencil, and has been specifically tested in accordance with MIL-STD (Military Standard) for drop protection up to 4 feet.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPad (8th Generation)

– The lightweight and clear OtterBox Symmetry Series case provides excellent protection for your iPad

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case and Trackpad for iPad (8th Generation)

Now we’re talking! If you’re ready to sacrifice the iPad’s slim and light shape for a large stand, backlit keyboard, trackpad, and even an Apple Pencil in one package – this is the best way for the iPad 8. You can even snap the keyboard off and just use the stand and case as they are separate from it.

Of course, this case is only for those who need all these additions. For anyone else, it wouldn’t make much sense because it adds significant bulk to the iPad, and it’s not cheap either. This is a keyboard and trackpad case for the power-hungry iPad, student, or enthusiast who wants the iPad 8 to be a replacement for their computer.

Logitech – Combined Touch Keyboard Case for Apple® iPad® 10.2 “(7th and 8th Generation)

$ 14 off (9%)

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for iPad (8th generation)

Spigen is one of the best and most reliable brands when you are looking for durable cases for phones and tablets. Designed for the iPad 8 and 7, this case features a sleek carbon fiber section and matte black finish, and features Spigen airbag technology for everyday shock absorption.

In addition to providing solid protection for your iPad 8 in a good-looking package, this case also has a built-in Apple Pencil holder and stand that can support your iPad for hands-free movie watching, video calling, or comfortable Apple Pencil drawing sessions.

LTROP iPad case for children

Undoubtedly the best iPad case for kids. If you bought a 2020 iPad for youth use, the Amazon’s Choice LTROP iPad case protects it well, while its stand supports it for easy viewing. It also has a carrying handle for easy transport. It is lightweight and shockproof and protects the iPad while providing entertainment for children.

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