The best Apple iPad 8 screen protectors


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The best Apple iPad 8 screen protectors

Even in 2021, the iPad will be a great choice for students, artists, or anyone who needs a reliable tablet on a budget. But even in 2020 Apple iPad (8th generation) is a beast internally, its screen lacks an anti-reflective coating, which is more expensive iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro own. This alone makes the 10.2-inch iPad 8 almost unusable in sunlight and less than ideal even near indoor light sources.
A problem that could be solved on the right screen protector, as well as another problem – writing Apple A pencil directly on the iPad 8’s glass screen doesn’t feel too good or natural because the plastic essentially meets the glass. What if there was a screen protector that could make the screen feel more like paper? Or maybe you’re just looking for a simple scratch? Anyway, we have a screen protector just for your needs!

Best Screen Protectors for iPad 2020 (8th Generation), Summary:

Spig tempered glass screen protector designed for iPad 8th (10.2 inches / 2020)

Spigen is a well-known brand of high-quality and durable phone and tablet cases and accessories. While this screen protector costs more than most other products on this list, it’s worth the investment if you’re long-lived.

This tempered glass cover is rated for 9H Moh hardness and won’t affect your experience by darkening the iPad 8’s screen or making it less sensitive to touch. It also works great Apple pencil. If you’re looking for quality protection for your iPad 8 screen – Spigen is one of the most prestigious brands to choose from.

amFilm screen protector for iPad 8th generation (2020)

This package includes two tempered glass protectors, both rated on the 9H Moh hardness scale. Like previous screen protectors, their main function is to keep the iPad 8’s screen protected from scratches and daily wear and tear without compromising the Apple Pencil experience. AmFilm screen protectors also have an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges.

Paper (2 pcs) matte screen protector for drawing, writing and taking notes

You may have noticed how less than ideal the feeling is when the hard tip of the Apple Pencil touches the iPad 8’s hard glass screen. Screen protectors like these are designed to enhance your artistic endeavors by giving you a paper-like feel when drawing while reducing screen glare.

Note, however, that investing in a Paperlike-type screen protector only makes sense if you’re an artist who plans to use their iPad primarily with an Apple pencil. For casual iPad 8 use, it’s best to choose one of the other screen protectors on this list that aren’t designed to change the texture of your screen.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass screen protector for the new Apple iPad 10.2

The purpose of this screen protector is to protect your iPad 8 screen from scratches and even drops. It is rated 9H Mohs and does not affect display sensitivity or Apple Pencil compatibility. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector also prevents fingerprints thanks to its oleophobic coating.

OtterBox Alpha Glass series screen protector for iPad 10.2

OtterBox is a well-known company to make premium cases and screen protectors, and the OtterBox Alpha Glass series is a great alternative to your new iPad. It is compatible with both the 2020 iPad and the 2019. Like our previous selection, it is rated for hardness 9H. It’s a simple way to put on and take off, leaving no residue when removing. The great thing is that it also includes OtterBox’s limited lifetime warranty.

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