The best Apple Watch cases for 2021


Your Apple Watch deserves the same protection as your phone, but many people don’t always think about putting a case on their phone Apple Watch. This means that the risk of injury is probably much higher than you would like.

Choosing the right cover to keep your watch safe without interfering with performance or ruining your style can be difficult. This list includes some of the best cases we’ve found and many features to suit your needs. Once your watch is protected, be sure to check the best Apple Watch apps as well.

UAG civilian watch

UAG Civilian case for Apple Watch

UAG makes stylishly sturdy smartphone cases, and its case for the Apple Watch is no different. It has a double layer of protection and raised edges, and it protects your device in the rare event that you drop it when you put it on or off it. Despite the square design, the case is very light and easy to install and remove with buttons and openings in all the right places. It looks very sharp and won’t let the Apple Watch fall.

Smiling multi-purpose hard PC case

Smiling hard PC case for Apple Watch

Made from a blend of hard polycarbonate and tempered glass, this case provides all the protection for an Apple Watch. It combines a case and screen protector on the back and sides, so no matter how accurately the device falls to the ground, it protects the watch from most accidents and shocks. The cover is also very thin, so it does not reduce the brightness or brightness of the clock display or reduce its sensitivity.

OtterBox EXO EDGE case

OtterBox EXO Edge case for Apple Watch

Here is one of the best Apple Watch cases you can find right now, offering a very modern design and battle-hardened protection. The case made of PC and TPE has bumpers around its edges, so drops and other shocks are not a problem for it or your watch. There is also a separate frame around its edge that protects the clock display in the event of a direct collision. Also available in several colors in addition to regular black.

Casetify Apple Watch case

Casetify Apple Watch case

This Casetify case is available in almost every Apple Watch size under the sun, in either black, silver or gold. Its minimal design is complemented by highly reliable protection, and the soft TPU does a great job of absorbing falls and collisions. The material also means it fits well in the Apple Watch and can be removed and reused without much effort.

Monocarbon real carbon fiber case


If you want to avoid putting a cover on the dial, but still want extra protection, try the Monocarbon Fiber case. Its very light 0.7 gram body is made of genuine carbon fiber material. Its glossy surface fits snugly and looks stylish on your wrist. You can get this case for a set of 4 and 5 clocks in both sizes. Each unit fits your watch exactly and promises to enhance your smart watch experience and look. It is only available in glossy black.

RhinoShield bumper case

RhinoShield bumper case

RhinoShield’s slim, lightweight bumper case – just 1.9mm thin and 4 grams – provides an impact-resistant polymer exterior that gives you the best drop protection for up to 4 feet for the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. The case rises slightly above the screen surface to protect the dial from harmful shocks. Precise apertures provide full access to the watch’s digital crown, heart rate sensor and charger. The case is available in several colors to complement the watch strap.

Catalyst waterproof housing

catalyst waterproof c-1000x667

Designed for adventure, Catalyst’s waterproof case for the Apple Watch Series 4 is designed to protect your watch anywhere, anytime. The case has 360 degree protection. It maintains fully functional IP68 waterproof protection at 330 meters at 330 feet and MIL-STD 810G drop protection at up to 2 meters. You get direct access to the touch screen, even when it is protected from water, dust, dirt and snow. The raised frame protects the screen from routine scratches and bumps. The acoustic technology of the case promotes sharp and clear sound. The case is not only durable, but also has a comfortable hypoallergenic silicone tape. ECG functions does not work when the waterproof case is on. Similar cases are also available for previous Apple Watch models.

Sunkeyou TPU for Apple Watch


The Sunkeyou is a slim protective TPU bumper case for all generations of Apple Watch. Its curved edges provide complete protection with soft, durable, shockproof and waterproof protection. It is designed with multiple coating processes to prevent the case from fading and provides easy access to all working clock buttons and ports so you can charge the watch directly without having to remove the case. The cover is easy to install and remove. It comes in six colors to match the watch strap, or you can buy a four-pack with different colors.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Apple Case

Spigen Rugger Armor Apple Case

This shockproof case protects your Apple Watch like armor. It has a matte black body made of durable, flexible TPU, with fashionable artificial bullet accents and a pistol lock. The comfortable seat has touch buttons and precise openings for all clock functions. The 1.2 mm edge around the display protects the dial from contact with hard surfaces. It comes with an elastic strap. A similar version of this case is also available for previous versions of Apple Watch.

X-Doria Defense bumper for Apple Watch

X-Doria bumper for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is impervious to threats when wrapped in an X-Doria Defense Bumper Apple Watch case and screen protector. Its metal body is chip-resistant, and the translucent design of the tempered glass lid allows you to use your device fully when protected in its case. It features a shock-absorbing rubber interior that holds your watch firmly and is available for the Series 4 and some older Apple Watch models.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro durable case for Apple Watch


If you’re a resilient outdoor man, look no further than the Unicorn Beetle Pro – it’s ready to engage in activities from rough mountain bike rides to lavish runs. This case protects your Apple Watch incredibly well, but keeps it fully functional, and all the buttons are easy to access. Its raised frame provides shock absorption and damage protection, and the clickable design is easy to put on. The case has a scratch-resistant, built-in multi-colored watch strap and a two-tone finish.

Viqiv Bling Protective face bumper case

Viviq bling protection buffer

There may be times when you want to wear an Apple Watch a little. For these situations, Viqiv transforms almost any Apple Watch model into a unique piece of jewelry. Its light crystal rhinestone and extra sparkles around the dial ensure you stand out and whale the night. The watch case is easy to put on – just attach it to your watch without even removing the band. The vacuum coating adds color to the strong plastic frame so that each event can be distinguished from each other, and the cover is available in gold, rose gold, pink, black and silver. Note that this case is not waterproof. It’s a great choice for customizing the look of your watch, but if you’re mostly after protection, you might want to consider some other designs.

Explore and buy frequently asked questions

Is the case or screen protector better for the Apple Watch?

Both are feasible choices. If you’re only worried about screen scratches and nothing else, a small screen protector may be the best choice. If you want to give your Apple Watch new features like waterproofing, or protect it from the harmful shocks it might get to work or recreation, a case is a better idea.

Can you change the frame of your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch case or bezel cannot be customized or replaced. However, it butter coated with another frame. This makes your Apple Watch bigger, but it allows you to customize the look more thoroughly. See front panel options to see what we are talking about.

Do all cases work in different Apple Watch series?

No. Apple Watch sizes must be kept in mind when shopping. Apple watches are measured vertically: Series 1 and 2 are 38 mm, and then the series begins to separate. Set 3 was available in 38 mm and 42 mm. Set 4 was available in 40 mm and 44 mm, the trend continued so far with the additional set. The size options are primarily designed to fit larger or smaller wrists more comfortably.

While some companies claim one size fits all, we recommend that you do not trust these claims to be 100% reliable. It’s always best to find a case that fits your Apple Watch size.

Are there any waterproof cases for the Apple Watch?

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you may not need it. This set has a waterproof design with a 50 meter water resistance guarantee so you can do almost anything underwater with them from shower to snorkeling. But for previous kits or long-used water, a waterproof case is a good idea. These cases exist and you can find them an affordable alternative from Catalyst here (and in our list). Just make sure you get the right case for your kit.

Are Apple Watch cases worth it?

It depends on what you want. If you want a waterproof previous Apple Watch, a case is a must. If you just want to protect your Apple Watch from damage, you won’t need case, but it can help. If you are paranoid about minor scratches on the dial, placing it in a case can prevent it. Finally, you might want to invest in a case if you’re an outdoor adventurer who uses your watch for hiking, climbing, gardening, or hiking, and mention a few activities where dust and dirt are plentiful. On the other hand, if you don’t like anything between you and the Watch screen, the case can drive you crazy.

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