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iPhone 12 launched a revamped model with flat pages reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 5 (and the new iPad Pro). It also features thinner frames, a narrower notch, 5G support for the first time, and a powerful A14 Bionic processor. But while it features Corning’s new ceramic plate, its sharp display isn’t immune to damage. That’s why we’ve put together the best iPhone 12 screen protectors available. Regardless of your budget, these increase the durability and strength of your iPhone screen.

LK Privacy Screen Protector

LK Glass screen protector

You always want to block prying eyes from your iPhone screen, and LK Privacy screen protector is more than a task. It keeps all personal information protected from other people with a spy-proof, anti-glare and dark protective coating. It also protects the screen from bumps, drops, and other common shocks. When you use this screen saver, the screen brightness decreases, so be sure to increase the screen brightness once it is installed on your phone.

Spigen tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12

Spigen tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12

The most important thing you want from a screen protector is protection, and with a hardness class of 9H, this Spigen tempered glass screen protector is perfect for falling. Sold in a pack of two, it also includes an auto-alignment kit, the body of which makes it very easy to put on your iPhone 12. In addition to being tough enough to resist knife scratches, it’s remarkably transparent and bright, even though it’s finely cut to match the outline of the iPhone 12’s screen. It also has an oleophobic coating (i.e., it is fingerprint resistant) that repels stains that can make your screen look more than a little dim and gloomy.

FILUV iPhone 12 Screen Protector

FILUV iPhone 12 Screen Protector

Another iPhone 12 screen protector made of tempered glass with a 9H rating, this FILUV cover is scratch-resistant, fingerprint-proof and waterproof. It protects the phone from minor scratches as well as larger shocks such as drops and collisions. Not only does it protect the screen of the iPhone 12, it is also designed to be very transparent and sensitive, allowing you to use the iPhone 12 normally. It comes in three packs, is designed to offer a 1: 1 fit to the iPhone 12’s screen, and even has its own installation tutorial video to help you apply it.

ESR tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12

ESR tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12

Made of ESF tempered glass, the iPhone 12 screen protector offers an impressive level of protection. Its hardness rating is 9H, as are many of the guards listed. However, the ESF claims that the three-layer building system of the screen protector tolerates 5 kg / about 11 kg of force. It withstands incredible shocks and protects from scratches and fingerprints. This screen protector comes with a mounting frame that ensures an easy, dust and bubble-free application process. It is sold in three packs and also includes a cleaning kit.

Floveme iPhone 12 Screen Protector

FLOVEME iPhone 12 Screen Protector

The Floveme iPhone 12 screen protector is also a three-pack and is the thinnest listed protector. Only 0.25 mm cover is almost transparent, and the touch screen has a resolution of 99.9%. It may be thin on the paper, but its 9H hardness class means it can take quite a bit while keeping the screen protected. The oleophobic layer also prevents the appearance of ugly fingerprints. Finally, this cover comes with a mounting frame, useful, though not absolutely necessary to use the cleaning kit, and an improved ABS adhesive to fit safely on the iPhone 12 screen.

Ailun Glass screen protector for iPhone 12

Ailun Glass screen protector for iPhone 12

Another ultra-thin screen protector is the iPhone 12 screen protector, which is only 0.33 mm thick. Its tempered glass has a hardness class of 9H, so this protection also provides excellent protection for chips and cracks on the screen. Its oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings protect the screen from water damage, preventing stains and fingerprints. The laser-cut cover fits perfectly on the phone’s screen and also has 2.5D curved edges for easy grip and attachment of the cover. You can buy this in a triple pack with a transparency rating of 99.99%.

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