The best Mother’s Day deals on technical technology


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This article is updated regularly, so if the technical gift your mom has in mind isn’t yet on offer here, be sure to check back in a few days.

Mother’s Day is May 9 – in just two days! So, if you want to get the perfect gift for your mom, it’s best to start preparing early. And if your mom happens to be technically crazy (we know these moms do exist!), This article will help you choose the best gift for her and get the best deal you can. Even if your mom isn’t a technical nerd, you can always surprise her with a practical gift of technology or even a new phone.

Nonetheless, we’re jumping straight into Mother’s Day specials.

which falls on Sunday. The day honors the mother of the family and motherhood in general.

The phones have great deals with awesome performance and features that your mom will enjoy. Most of them now live in time for Mother’s Day, so you can buy your gift in advance or start planning and comparing prices. Whether your mother’s life needs or preferences, there is something for everyone here.

Mother’s Day specials are available The best purchase offer great deals on Samsung’s fresh and awesome flagship phones. Galaxy S21 +, a great flagship with all the bells and whistles, has given a discount $ 750. Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 Ultra are also $ 250 off, while Galaxy S21 Is $ 150 less than the retail price.


Samsung there are also good discounts right now. With an eligible barter, you can make the mother you deserve strong in your life Samsung Galaxy S21+ 256 GB (for family photos in the years to come!) only $ 399. In addition to this, the flagship model Samsung Galaxy S21 is now heavily discounted alone $ 99, again in exchange.


Verizon has joined the game with great BOGO deals on the hottest 5G phones. Right now, you can grab two powerful Samsung with both your mom and yourself Galaxy S21 Ultra(or choose from several models) for almost one price or even $ 1,000 off.
If it’s not for you, you can still benefit from barter. With a suitable barter, you can get up at the moment $ 800 off in certain models. Galaxy A51 5G is also available at $ 0 per month (yes, free!) if you get it with a valid unlimited package.


AT&T also offers Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $ 10 per month for 128 Gt version and $ 15 per month for 256 Gt (paid for more than 30 months).

iPhone deals for Mother’s Day


Verizon there is the same Mother’s Day BOGO contract underway in the iPhone department as well. If you buy iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you get another (almost) free one, or $ 1,000 off. The only remark is that you need to get them on a installment plan along with an unlimited phone program. On the other hand, if you choose a barter discount, you can even get one $ 800 off.


AT&T says rightly that the best gift for mom is to keep in touch with you. According to that slogan, the carrier has generous discounts even without barter. For a limited time, you can get iPhone 11 128 Gtonly $ 15 per month, iPhone 11 64 Gtonly $ 10 per month, or iPhone SE Only 64 GB $ 5 per month – as long as you purchase them with a suitable wireless service. This means you can save up $ 320 if you select AT&T.

Motorola offers for Mother’s Day

If you want to keep things simple and lighter in your pockets, MotorolaYou also have coverage. Budget Moto G Power and Moto G pen could be perfect for your always moving, creative mom, while Motorola One 5G assures that it can benefit from growing 5G networks.

Best Mother’s Day Deals on Headphones and In-Ear Headphones

(See offers below)

If your mom is a music lover, what better way to make her smile on Mother’s Day than to buy her a pair of awesome-sounding in-ear headphones? If he doesn’t like small earphones, you can buy him a big pair of over-ear headphones that we’ve chosen for you. Either way, these deals will help you get him any of these beautiful headphones and save you some buckaroos.

Right now we have Apple AirPodit Charging case has been discounted from Best Buy, alongside AirPods Pro, on both year-round and in-ear models Beats By Dre. Walmart also has Galaxy Buds Pro flat.

In addition Samsung Galaxy Buds + is currently being discounted on Amazon.

Samsung also offers Mother’s Day discounts on the hottest in-ear headphones Galaxy Buds Pro. You can now get them a $ 70 discount ($ 20 immediate savings, plus a $ 50 discount on exchange) so your mom can enjoy the latest noise reduction features during training or rest.

The best Mother’s Day deals on smart watches

(See offers below)

A mother waving a smart watch means serious business. If he has an iPhone, you can get one for him Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE. If he has a Samsung phone, there is Galaxy Watch 3 andGalaxy Watch Active 2, both are pretty good in terms of features and battery life. He can track his workouts, respond to notifications, and – if you get one of these LTE workouts – even receive calls with just his smartwatch.
Alternatively, you can get her an excellent fitness band that is cheaper than a smart watch and offers convenient fitness features for the athletic mom. The best purchase there is currently an agreement on such fitness monitoring, Fitbit Inspire 2.
Right now, AT&T offers BOGO discount Galaxy Watch 3, when you buy two valid Apple Watches, you get one $ 330 off. This is a great offer that will allow you to get a wonderful gift not only for your mother but also for yourself.
Verizon joins Mother’s Day parades Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch Series 6. Currently, you can buy an Apple Watch and get up $ 250 off or buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch, get it $ 280 discount second.

Walmart also offers Mother’s Day discounts on smartwatches: Apple Watch Series 3 has now been discounted from a retailer, as well as a few Garmin and Fitbit smartwatches. Currently, the generous offer of a smart watch is Fitbit Versa 2 A hefty $ 117 discount at Walmart.

Samsung offers Galaxy Watch 3 right now with savings that can go up $ 310 discount if you have an acceptable exchange.

The best Mother’s Day tablets

(See offers below)

Does your mother love reading or drawing? Or maybe he just hasn’t found the creative awesomeness that tablets can inspire? Well, you can surprise her on Mother’s Day with an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab so she can learn a new skill or invest quality time in art or reading.

Cheaper but effective Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is now reduced to $ 32 at Amazon. It’s a pretty great tablet and comes with an S-pen, a great gift for a mom who not only wants to have fun or create art, but also feels good about a cheap tablet. For something Really light in pockets, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020) is cheaper than half the price $ 4 per month for 30 months AT&T.

On the other hand, if your mom is more of an Apple clown, we have entry-level iPad from 2020 reduced to $ 30 on Amazon. Not much, but iPad discounts are rarely seen, so it’s still worth seeing. The dealer also offers $ 40 discount is iPad Air 2020 right now.

AT&T offers an affordable budget Galaxy Tab A 8.4 from 2020 reduced also.

More deals are coming on the way this Mother’s Day, so stay tuned!


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