The best substances for creating custom vape boxes


custom vape boxes is inhaling nicotine in liquid form, flavored with flavors and other chemical compounds. The nicotine bottle is referred to as a cartridge and powered by batteries. This is why the term vape can also be referred to as an electronic cigarette. However, whether the claim is true is of course debatable. We will discuss the impact custom vape bottles can be able to play in promoting sales and enhancing their appeal.

A variety of materials for making custom vape bottles:

Some of the most sought-after kinds of substances that can be used to create custom vape boxes bottles include:


The majority of the boxes for packing that we use are made of cardboard. These boxes are durable and durable, as well as very customizable. There are a number of additional printing options to design beautiful custom vape containers. The options include:

UV coating

Embossing & debossing

Glass coatings

Aqueous coatings

Spot UV

Stamping of foil


Window patching

Cardboard can be found in various thicknesses. It is also moldable and is able to be made in both rough and smooth surfaces. It’s also fairly affordable and comes in sheets that are cut to size.

Corrugated material:

It is a different material that is widely used to make custom vape containers. Vape equipment is fragile and boxes made from this material will come with the necessary protection and support. Corrugated sheets are composed of at least three layers, with one layer that has curvatures. The curvature of the sheet gives the box additional strength and is able to hold heavier objects. They are a good option for customizing vape boxes particularly if you have to ship them to other countries or across long distances.

Corrugated material is suitable for a variety of printing styles, and you can create different kinds of vape containers using them , for instance;

Straight tuck end

Reverse tuck end

One-piece carton

2-piece carton

Bux board:

It’s a low-cost alternative to make custom vape containers since it is constructed from recycled materials. It is typically used for lighter packaging, such as vape cartridges. The only drawback is its rough texture, which renders it unsuitable for high-end packaging. It is, however, a great choice for making cost-effective and sturdy boxes.


Paper is light in both weight and appearance, and is easy to handle. Through the use of several folds, a piece of paper can be made into boxes. These boxes can hold light objects with ease. For cigarettes, paper can be used to add thin layers inside the box to wrap it around or even to create the box its own. But, since it is paper, it is prone to tear and can be brittle.

Eco-friendly options:

Today, environmental issues have been on everyone’s mind. So, environmentally friendly products for creating boxes are becoming increasingly popular. Kraft paper is a good instance of this. The material is strong and eco-friendly. This is why it has become the preferred choice of numerous box makers searching for a green material to make custom vape bottles.

These were a few of the most commonly used materials options to create custom vape containers. Any good producer of packaging will offer these materials. Fast Custom Boxes is one of those companies that can create all kinds of packaging for various items. They’ll give you a free templates and mockups in 3D, as well as free shipping, speedy delivery, and endless possibilities for customization. You should consider them for custom vape box and other needs.

There are a variety of ways to make attractive custom vape containers:

After having gone through the various substances, we’ll talk about how you can make attractive vape boxes.

Try different colours for vape bottles too:

Usually, vape makers employ dark colors, mostly black, when making vape containers. Although this may have earned popularity however, that does not necessarily mean that you must avoid colors completely. Custom vape containers can be made with bright colors, too. It is possible to choose orange, yellow, green blue, pink, or even blue. It’s not off-putting and, in fact, it can make the vape product be noticed.

Do not compromise on the high-end on the outside of your box.

A box is the way to introduce of your product or service to the consumer. The customer will judge the quality of your product through the packaging. Don’t skimp on the material and opt to the highest quality. A well-constructed packaging speaks about its quality. Take a look and experience the outcomes for yourself.

Unboxing is an experience in itself:

Vape is a product that is niche that is not used by everyone. The consumer should enjoy a superior experience. Make sure you give him a product well-organized and beautifully. Include personalized inserts in the box. Laminated sheets that are placed around the box can be an excellent idea. When the consumer is taking out the item, he should think that he has opened an amazing product.

Design and imagery are equally essential:

Utilizing attractive designs, images and large fonts are important in the present. You can easily engage an artist who will provide you with a variety of options can be used on the vape bottles you design yourself. They must look distinctive and bring a sense of freshness to the experience and feel of your product.

Choose a style that is unconventional in design:

Everybody is familiar with the open sleeves type of containers that are neatly put away after closing them. However, there are alternative options which many vape makers do not consider however they’re useful and attractive. What about an open-tuck container or a sleeve-tray type box or even bottles? Packaging that isn’t conventional can be a boon to enhance the appeal to your item.

If you don’t have a logo for your business make a wise choice and have one created as soon as you can. It’s your brand’s and your company’s main identity and brand. Your customers will be able to remember your brand custom printing boxes more than they will remember your company’s name. Get a logo designed and incorporate it into your customized vape containers.


It was all about custom-made vape boxes in order to assist you in gaining more customers. We have also reviewed a number of alternatives for materials to help you make an informed choice when making custom vape boxes.


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