The black iPhone 13 Pro is reportedly much darker than Apple’s graphite and Space Gray products


The black iPhone 13 Pro is reportedly much darker than Apple’s graphite and Space Gray products

In March, it was announced that the iPhone 13 Pro collection would include a matt black color and the same sources have now returned to the details.

In the new video, YouTuber Filip Koroy shares a couple of exclusive rights with us iPhone 13 series. Intel comes from the leaky Max Weinbach. The iPhone 13 is claimed to be a shade of black that would be much darker than iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max’s graphite painting.

To get a sense of tone, the video says it’s close to Hex color code 121212. The Space Gray color offered for iPads and MacBooks is currently the darkest shade on Apple devices, and the black color on the iPhone 13 Pro is seemingly going to be still darker.

According to previously reported information, the option is a border and has a matte finish. The Pro models are also rumored to have a new stainless steel coating to reduce stains and fingerprints.

Apple always offers a black or almost black iPhone, but the company has never before sold a pure matte black Pro model.

iPhone 13 to get a new item tracking feature

Next, we’ll get an update on the iPhone 13 sensor transfer camera stabilization. It was previously reported that sensor change stabilization technology is currently limited iPhone 12 Pro Max is coming for all iPhone 13 models. The technology ensures sharper images and better stability.

The technology is known internally as the “warp” and is a new version of the electronic image stabilization system. It ostensibly works at all frame rates and accuracies, and may also have something to do with subject tracking.

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