The Blue Origin reveals the highest bid to date for the first rocket voyage


Someone somewhere is willing to pay $ 2.8 million for a 10-minute suborbital space journey.

It is currently the highest bid in the current auction for Blue Origin’s the first space tourism adventure.

The first phase of the auction accepted the sealed bids and lasted from May 5 to May 19. Bids came from more than 5,000 people in 136 countries, with Blue Origin announcing its highest bid of $ 1.4 million on Wednesday.

But within hours of the start of the public phase of the auction on Wednesday, the highest bid jumped to $ 2.4 million and then to $ 2.8 million (the current highest bid can be seen here). Interested people have to go until June 10th. Alternatively, they can wait until June 12, when the final stage of the auction will take place in the form of a one-day tender that can be followed online.

So what does a winner get for their multi-million dollar payment? The Once in a Lifetime experience begins and ends at Blue Origin Space Harbor in the West Texas Desert on July 12th. It includes an exhilarating journey aboard the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket to the Kármán line, a point commonly considered the edge of space, about 62 miles above the earth.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful views, the astronaut can leave the seat to experience a brief period of weightlessness inside the capsule before returning to Earth with a parachute-assisted landing. Several others, all Blue Origin personnel, join the astronaut inside the capsule for the flight of the virgin crew.

Blue Origin, led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, aims to launch a regular space travel service in the near future. The July launch is the first crew operation since 14 successful test flights of the New Shepard rocket since 2015.

The company has yet to disclose what it will charge for the place in the capsule when it launches a regular space travel service, although its promise of competitively priced experience suggests that the ticket will cost about $ 250,000 – a fee charged by rival space traveler Virgin Galactic for its unreleased service.

In that case, the price of a seat on a Blue Origin crew flight is, to put it mildly, expensive, but clearly you have to pay for being the first.

Blue Origin does not disclose any details about who is behind the offers. The identity of the highest bidder will be revealed on 12 June at the end of the final stage of the auction.

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