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Where are the nearest luggage lockers in NYC?

Whether you’re looking for luggage lockers near Penn Station or across the Hudson River in Williamsburg, the Bounce platform is your go-to resource for luggage lockers in New York City.

Here are the most popular luggage locker destinations in NYC (scroll down to find luggage lockers in the respective NYC neighborhoods):

Penn Station

Grand Central Station

Port Authority

JFK Airport

Newark Airport (EWR)

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Madison Square Garden

Times Square

Upper East Side

Upper West Side


East Village

West Village

Greenwich Village

Lower East Side


Financial District



How do Bounce Luggage Lockers in NYC work?

The Bounce platform has partnered with dozens of trusted hotels and local businesses throughout NYC to allow you to safely store your luggage in designated lockers near the most popular destinations in the Big Apple.

Our process is quick Bounce luggage storage Coupon., safe, and trusted by millions of happy customers throughout the United States.

Book locker rentals in NYC directly in our app.

Drop of your luggage in our partner’s NYC luggage lockers.

Enjoy your day luggage-free!

How much do luggage lockers in NYC cost?

Bounce’s NYC luggage lockers cost only $5.90 per bag per day. There are no hidden fees and no metered timing to store your luggage in our New York City destinations.

Is insurance included?

Yes, of course! We include $10,000 of luggage storage BounceShield™ protection to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Do you offer only day storage lockers in NYC or can I store my luggage for multiple days?

With our NYC luggage locker solution, you can store your luggage for as many days as you’d like.

Luggage Lockers Near Penn Station

As one of the world’s busiest railway hubs, NYC’s Penn Station can be a lot to take in for first-timers and locals alike. Navigating the complex station can be especially difficult if you’re also trying to figure out where the nearest Penn Station lockers in NYC are located.

Fortunately for you, Bounce has your back with plenty of convenient and trustworthy NYC luggage lockers nearby.

Luggage Lockers Near Grand Central Station

Coming in second as the country’s busiest railway hub, Grand Central Station is known worldwide for its beauty and charm and has been on dozens of television shows and movies. As it’s also the home of hundreds of shops and restaurants with hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through each day, finding luggage lockers in Grand Central Station can oftentimes be difficult.

Luggage Lockers Near Port Authority Bus Terminal

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is an incredibly busy transportation hub in the heart of the city. Boasting of over 223 departure gates and carrying over 70% of the Lincoln Tunnel’s daily traffic, finding luggage lockers near this NYC destination can be overwhelming at times.

Luggage Lockers Near JFK Airport

Located in Jamaica, Queens, New York, the JFK Airport is one of two NYC airports moving hundreds of thousands of passengers each day. While there is a bag-storage facility inside of Terminal 1, we recommend locating one of Bounce’s luggage lockers in NYC close to the neighborhood you’ll be staying in.

Luggage Lockers Near Newark Airport (EWR)

Ranked the 15th busiest airport in the United States, finding luggage lockers near Newark Airport can be a chore to say the least. This is especially true as there are no luggage lockers in the Newark Airport so we recommend finding some near the neighborhood you will be staying in while in NYC.

Luggage Lockers Near LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

As the closest airport to NYC’s city center, LaGuardia Airport is a popular destination for travelers all around the world. Especially convenient for those traveling to Midtown or Upper Manhattan, we recommend finding a bounce luggage locker location in the city as the airport does not offer luggage storage at the moment.

For more information on lockers in NYC for LaGuardia Airport travelers, please visit our Bounce booking page for more details.

Luggage Lockers Near Madison Square Garden (MSG)

Luggage lockers near Madison Square Garden are plentiful on the Bounce platform! With millions of visitors each year enjoying the arena for Knicks games or concerts, we’ve made it easy to store your luggage in one of our nearby partner locations.

Luggage Lockers Near Times Square

With over 50 million annual visitors, New York’s Time Square can be a dense, confusing area to navigate for those looking for nearby luggage lockers in NYC. Fortunately, we here at Bounce have partnered with many of the city’s most trustworthy businesses to help you store your luggage for the day – or even multiple days, if you so desire.

Luggage Lockers Near Upper East Side

If you’re staying near NYC’s Upper East Side and you’re looking for a place to store your luggage, look no further than Bounce. With three convenient locations, finding NYC luggage lockers has never been easier.

Luggage Lockers Near Upper West Side

Staying in the Upper West Side and looking for luggage lockers in Manhattan? Perfect. Our convenient locations will allow you to explore the lovely NYC neighborhood luggage-free!

Luggage Lockers Near Chelsea

Known for its art galleries the incredible High Line above New York’s skyline, the Chelsea neighborhood is one of the city’s most popular destinations for travelers. If you find yourself as one of these travelers looking for lockers in NYC, look no further than our convenient Chelsea locations.

Luggage Lockers Near East Village

This artsy, bohemian neighborhood between NYC’s East River and Third Avenue has been a hot attraction for decades. Boasting of past Beetniks and the advent of punk rock music, visitors of the East Village are certain to experience the soul of the city while in the East Side. If you’re seeking soul without the weight of your luggage, check out one of Bounce’s nearby East Village luggage lockers.

Luggage Lockers Near West Village

Containing some of the most charming homes in New York City, West Village is a sleepy oasis within the city that never sleeps. If you’re looking to relax bag-free, check out of the best luggage lockers in Manhattan.

Luggage Lockers Near Greenwich Village

Made popular by musical acts such as Bob Dylan and many others, Greenwich Village is a must-see spot for tourists and travelers alike. Whether you’re visiting Washington Park or a show at the Comedy Cellar, drop off your things at one of our convenient luggage lockers in Greenwich Village before you head out:

Luggage Lockers Near Lower East Side

Trendy and popular for some of the best stores on the planet, the Lower East Side is a magnet for the rich and famous. If you plan to join them with some shopping of your own, lighten your load at one of our nearby luggage lockers in NYC:

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