The cheaper iPhone 14 Max can have one key advantage over the Pro model


This is the best thing about the cheaper iPhone 14 Max

Apple plans to claim to release a more affordable iPhone Max in 2022, and while the $ 200 price cut can certainly push the share of large iPhones further than ever before, this iPhone 14 Max has something else that might really make it a better choice than the more expensive “Pro” -version.

Look, all of this is based on very early rumors: hell, we don’t even know everything about the iPhone 13 generation that should be released in about three months, but we do know a little important nonetheless.

We know that for now, in the future, the iPhone 14 Max will overtake some premium features. For example, Apple is expected to bring the fingerprint sensor below the screen to iPhone 14 Pro models, a feature not available on this cheaper model than the Pro 14 Max.

However, it’s just speculation, but could this also mean that even if this and this feature is ignored, Apple will create a phone that is actually much lighter than the current Pro Max model? To remind you iPhone 12 Pro Max currently sold weighs nearly half a pound, or exactly 8.03 ounces (228 grams). That’s a lot of weight! And that’s just the current thing: in the future, we’ve heard rumors that Apple has added a periscope, a long-range zoom camera, and a larger battery, which makes the phone even heavier.

And while that may not be a problem for some, we know quite a few people who would like a large screen phone that doesn’t weigh as much as a brick.

This is also unprecedented: Apple iPhone 12 is completely identical in size and dimensions to the 12 Pro model, even with the same size battery, it only lacks a zoom camera. The weight difference is still huge: the iPhone 12 weighs only 164.0 g (5.98 oz) compared to the much heavier 6.66 oz (189.0 g) of the Pro version.

The weight difference between the rumored iPhone 14 Max and its 14 Pro Max counterpart is likely to be even greater, so yes, while the cheaper iPhone 14 Max doesn’t quite have the features of the Pro version (most lack a Touch ID sensor and a rumored periscope camera), it may have one very important advantage: it can be much lighter.

So let us know: what do you think of the cheaper but also lighter iPhone 14 Max? Are you interested?

And I think it’s time to leave the future slowly rumored and leak through leaks, and instead focus on the soon-to-be-released iPhone 13 series.

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