The closed copy of The Legend of Zelda sells for nearly a million dollars


Closed copy Legend of Zelda to the newly sold NES $ 870,000 at Heritage Auctions, which surpassed the previous record for the most expensive game ever (at least to my knowledge). This record was only raised quite a bit in April copy Super Mario Bros. $ 660,000 was auctioned, a price that more than quadrupled previous known record.

Why is this version of the game so valuable? I will leave only part of the great explanation of Heritage Auctions here:

While it’s a hard truth, it’s a truth — none of the copies previously offered by this title could even try to hold a candle to this song because of its incredibly rare variant with an early production space. This matter is completely indisputable. This is the only copy of one of the earliest productions we have ever been able to offer, and possibly have the opportunity to offer, for many years. Given that this version was not produced until a few months in late 1987, before it was finally replaced by the Rev-A version in early 1988, this statement is unlikely to come as a surprise to collectors. Only one other version precedes the “NES R” option offered and it is the “NES TM” option, which is the real first production. However, it is also widely believed that there is only one sealed “NESTM” example, and there is no information as to whether a copy will ever come on the market. In essence, this copy is the earliest sealed copy you could realistically hope to get.

All kinds of collectibles have gained significant added value of late. Many Pokémon cards are now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollarsand card classification companies are drowning in Pokémon cards. The NFT had a hot minute where they could sell strikingly huge sums of money, although prices seems to have fallen in recent weeks.

Now I have to ask: which video game is the first to sell for over a million?

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