The communication around the masks is still terrible


When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported long-awaited instructions in May, when vaccinated people could stop using masks, some experts warned changes would be coming too soon. We continued to learn about vaccine protection, and epidemiologists were concerned about coronavirus alternatives. If the cover rules were repealed and the number of cases increased again, it would be difficult to restore them.

Well, cases are now rising again across the country with the Delta variant pump, making mask recommendations as difficult to deal with as people feared. The wave is most devastating in places with low vaccination rates, but it also hits the states and counties where most adults are vaccinated. So long after the mask powers were raised, some places – like Los Angeles County – are returning them. The American Academy of Pediatrics departed from the CDC guidelines (did not change after May) and has I recommend that even vaccinated young people and teens will wear masks in schools this fall.

conservative setback policy coverage has also returned. The sheriff of Los Angeles says not to force county mask task. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he will not re-impose state-wide camouflage. It would be “inappropriate to require people who already have immunity to wear a mask,” he said said KPRC In Houston.

People across the political spectrum are frustrated from an ever-changing direction. This whip and embarrassment is just the last chapter in a mask-communication drama that has continued for more than a year. Here in the United States, there has been a bad public health message around face masks since the beginning of the pandemic. In April 2020, the White House and the CDC first turned to tell people No use masks when telling them to wear them. The inconsistency was bad for public confidence, Rob Blair, assistant professor of political science and international and public affairs at Brown University, said Limit at the moment.

“We have inconsistent communication, sometimes from the same source,” Blair said. “We have a perfect cacophony. It’s detrimental not only to the quality of the response but also to more general trust.”

More than a year later, we encounter the same cacophony. It doesn’t help that the messages are more complicated now that vaccines are widely available. Masks may not be as critical for vaccinated people if the number of cases is small, but they are important in cases where cases are high or rising – even if vaccinated people are protected from the worst of the disease. Children under the age of 12 are at lower risk for COVID-19 than adults, but they cannot yet be vaccinated and masks are a great way to protect them. In front of the confusing back and forth, people who happily threw on their masks may be reluctant to put them back on.

“I think people are disappointed that people had some hope and saw the light at the end of the tunnel – and this would be a suggestion that we take a step back,” Marcus Plescia, chief of the U.S. Association of State and Regional Health Authorities, said Washington Post.

Despite the fact that it is scratching to start using masks again in newer places, the fact is that they are still one of the simplest ways to protect yourself from the spread of this disease. Nor can it be denied that they are still a highly politicized outbreak of the Cultural War. The CDC’s early fins and the original obstacles to Trump’s White House laid the groundwork for last year’s mask turmoil. Now that the U.S. response to the pandemic is at a key stage, it is as messy and high-stakes as ever.

Here’s what else happened this week.


How Delta is pushing the United States to a new phase in the Covid-19 pandemic
COVID-19 vaccines protect against conversion, but Delta spreads rapidly through unvaccinated. People still get seriously ill, but older people are more likely to be vaccinated – so younger people are in the hospital. (Andrew Joseph / Stat News)

New information leads to (re) rethinking where the pandemic really started
Data from early COVID-19 cases led evolutionary biologist, pandemic expert Michael Worobey to conclude that natural origin is the most likely explanation for the origin of the coronavirus. He thinks it’s less likely it came from the lab. (Michaeleen Doucleff / NPR)

The delta transformation accounts for an estimated 83 percent of U.S. cases, the CDC chief says.
The variant is highly contagious and spreads rapidly, especially in parts of the country where vaccination rates are low. (Sheryl Gay Stolberg / New York Times)


Novavax’s quest to vaccinate the world, from scratch, isn’t quite about warp speed
At one point, Novavax was at the forefront of the COVID-19 vaccine competition. But research delays and lack of materials were major setbacks. It is still a good vaccine, but it arrives later than desired. (Sarah Jane Tribble and Rachana Pradhan / Kaiser Health News)

States are sitting on millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccine as the expiration date approaches
A large batch of Pfizer vaccines will expire in August, unless data on its shelf life allow data to be transferred back. The federal authorities rejected requests from states to send extra doses to other countries, Stat News reports. (Olivia Goldhill / Stat News)


I take young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections … One of the last things they do before intubation is ask me for a vaccine. I hold their hand and say I’m sorry, but it’s too late.

– Brytney Cobia, a doctor in Alabama, wrote In a Facebook post about the burden of care for COVID-19 patients at this stage of the pandemic.

More than numbers

For people who have received 3.5 billion doses of the vaccine so far – thank you.

For more than 192,174,864 people worldwide who have received a positive result, recovery can be smooth.

Your loved one will not be forgotten for the family and friend of more than 4,130,345 people who have died worldwide – 609,879 in the United States.

Stay safe, everyone.

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