The company that classifies the $ 64 million copy of Super Mario has a new owner

Wata games, the company that categorized the latest record copies Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64, has acquired The universe of collectors, which classifies coins, trading cards, and other collectibles and memorabilia. The purchase marks the growing visibility of video games in the world of collectibles, which has recently shown considerable interest due to the explosive value of products like Pokémon cards.

“Both hobbyists and investors now firmly consider collectibles, including trading cards and sporting goods, as an investment category,” Collectors Universe chairman Nat Turner said in a press release. “With the recent rise in the stratosphere of these categories, we have identified video games as the next area designed for similar expansion. We are collaborating with Wata because they are experts in video game classification and there is simply no other way to create the amazing and reliable company they have built.”

According to the press release, Wata will continue to operate as an independent business with its current leadership position.

It’s not the only recent business change in the world of collectibles; Collectors of the Universe itself was the investor group bought in February. And a different investment group that includes Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Acquires Certified Collectibles Group (CCG), which owns CGC, a comic book and exchange card classifier, earlier this month. CGC also wants to enter the video game classification market only after announcing on 8 July that it will hire video game experts for the new division, CGC video games.

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