The Conjuring 3 Sheds Light on Arne Cheyenne Johnson Trial That Rocked Connecticut

Johnson moved into Glatzel’s home in May 1980. A month later, her 11-year-old brother, David Glatzel, played by Julian Hilliard, began complaining about increasingly violent encounters with an old man. It escalated until the boy would wake up in the middle of the night crying hysterically. He said he had visions of a “man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features and jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns, and hoofs,” according to People. After first discounting the boy’s story, Glatzel’s family asked a priest from a local church to bless the house. When nothing changed, the family called in the Warrens.

Over the course of the possession, David gained 60 pounds. During episodes, he appeared to exhibit special abilities, including levitation and precognition. He even predicted the murder Johnson would go on to commit. The Warrens called in priests from the Catholic Church to help them perform “four minor rites of exorcism” to expel the 43 demons which took up residence in David’s body. While Father Nicholas Grieco of the diocese of Bridgeport denied any exorcism was performed, the Warrens reported the process took several days.

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The Warrens Made Me Do It

The first trailer catches the Warrens as they head to Connecticut to investigate a troubled family. The crusading couple soon find evidence of a curse and claim there is deviltry afoot. The trailer also offers a glimpse of the exorcism which made the whole thing possible. 

During the exorcism, witnesses stated they saw a demon transfer from David to Johnson. Ed Warren laid the blame on Johnson, who made the “fatal mistake” of challenging the demons, saying, “Take me on, leave my little buddy alone.”

After the exorcism, the boy was completely cured. Johnson’s defense stated that he hadn’t been the same after David Glatzel’s exorcism. Debbie Glatzel testified that Johnson’s behavior was similar to her brother’s. “Cheyenne would go into a trance,” she told People. “He would growl and say he saw the beast. Later he would have no memory of it. It was just like David.”

Debbie Glatzel worked for the victim at his Brookfield kennel. According to the testimony, Alan Bono took his employees, including Debbie and her nine-year-old cousin Mary, out to lunch on the day of the incident. Bono got drunk, grabbed Mary, and refused to let her go. Johnson attacked him with a five-inch pocket knife. Witnesses described Johnson behaving “like an animal,” stabbing Bono repeatedly, mostly in his chest.

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