The creator of Vinen is now working on NFT blockchain video games


Dom Hofmann, one of the founders and creator of Vinen Byte and Peach, is a new project called Supdrive. His a tweet that announces Supdrive, he calls it the “chain fantasy game console,” which doesn’t necessarily make it clearer what this project looks like. He has since explained in an information message, which you can read below, that it is a video game console that plays classic games ( Pacman or Asteroid), and NFTs act as a kind of virtual cassette.

In Discord is configured for Supdrive, Hofmann wrote that games are NFT games that run on virtual firmware. Publishing games in NFT format means that only so many “editions” or copies are available. Hofmann also says that each copy of a particular game is unique, and players get different color palettes, difficulty levels, and more.

Hofmann compares Supdrive to another blockchain project, Art blocks, while describing it, which can give us an idea of ​​what it really is. The essence of Art Blocks is that it allows creators to make programs to produce processes for art, which is then stored in a block chain. Programs always create the same art for a particular seed, but changing the seed changes what art looks like (Minecraft players may be familiar with such a system). People then buy NFTs for an Art Block project that includes a seed so they can create that art.

This seems to fit well with Hofmann’s description of where a chain console plays unique games. Details such as how it works, how many copies of each game are available and how much they cost must all be made public.

Hofmann’s message says the plan is to let the community develop games for Supdrive if the project ends. He also plans to improve the console’s capabilities, allowing for more advanced games (the original game series is “old-school arcade style”). The first game made by Hofmann is called Origin.

Supdrive also has a kind of metaplay that users share Pokémon-Esque red, green and blue teams. Hofmann’s press release says the team you belong to can influence the game you play. So far, however, the different color groups are mostly remembering each other in Discord.

Conversation between two Discord users.  User 1: When is the release?  Hofmann: October descriptions, we'll share more information soon.  There are likely to be some leadership roles.  Should be something special (emoticon emoji)

Hofmann says the goal of Supdrive’s release is October.

In a Discord discussion, Hofmann said he plans to launch the project in October. He has also said he will make updates “every week or so” before the release.

Hofmann’s Vine projects have failed to achieve the success of the original video platform — his iOS app social network, Peach, has not been updated for three years, and Vine ‘s successor Byte was bought a TikTok competitor named Clash (and user App Store reviews have not been positive about the changes made). Only time will tell how Supdrive will turn, but it seems like an interesting idea – if, of course, you’re ready to come to the NFT market to pick up games.

Full Supdrive notification sent to Discord:


this is Update # 1 – does these every week.

This project has received more attention than I expected during the first 12 hours, so I wanted to share a few details.

What is Supdrive?

Supdrive is a chain fantasy console with the games are NFT games. You can think of it in a way like playing Artblocks. All of these games run on Supdrive Virtual Firmware, a toolkit that allows games to be written with short instructions that are gas-friendly and ideal for chain storage.

Although each game is published in a fixed edition, each edition is unique – Each version of the game is different, be it color range, difficulty, special abilities or more.

What kind of games?

Supdrive games are old school arcade games. Think of titles like Galaga, Pacman or Asteroid. As the firmware is updated, the game will gradually become more advanced. Maybe one day we will have a Super Supdrive or Supdrive 64.

The first game is called Origin.

Who makes games?

I’m going to develop the first games, but if things go well, the plan is to open up from scratch. Artblocks is another good example.

What are Red Green Blue teams?

Inspired by Pokemon, teams are a continuous meta system in the world of Supdrive. In the future, you will have the opportunity to commit to your team and receive a free air column collection that will sign you up for team membership. Storing this collectible will affect certain Supdrive items.

Mint price / print size / release date?

TBD and keep you up to date

How can I help?

So far, just hanging out on Discord and raising awareness is cool. As we approach the launch, there is more to do.

That’s it now! See you next week.

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