The DC Films producer says there is room for several versions of Superman at once



Can there be multiple movie versions of Superman at the same time? Hell, can an audience deal with any superhero who has two or more different versions on screen? This is an always rumbling issue in DC fandom, and according to the news that there are multiple Batman movie versions and possibly two different incerman incarnations at once with the reboot of JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates, it seems like an opportunity for fans to address.

In a recent conversation with, for a long time, DC producer Charles Roven expressed his feelings for one of the several versions of the character who got the movies at the same time, explaining how he believes it works.

“If they go along with the filmmaker’s view, you have to allow multiple visions,” Roven said. “You can’t get it anyway. Not everyone thinks the same way. So I think if someone brings them a unified view, it’s my understanding, and I could be wrong because I haven’t read the script or anything, but even Flash a thing that presumably has several Batmans, it has a somewhat unified view of the universe that has been created since Ezra Miller played Flash. And so, they don’t say “never” to anything, and I like it. It has to work. You know what I’m talking about? It has to work. You have to be able to really say, “Here’s what I’m really going to deliver, and then it has to work.”


“Frankly, the comic books on which this is all based, the canon on which this is all based, are never [said ‘Never’], ”Roven continued. “They’ve been able to make amazing off-shoots and listen, look at what Geoff Johns has done to help create the New 52 when the canon was getting a little outdated. And see what… He did it again when creating all the different lanterns, not just the green lantern I mean, why shouldn’t you be able to do it in film media, film media?

Roven, known for producing such films The Dark Knight and Zack Snyderin Justice League, started production more Superman movies. Excited about what JJ Abrams is doing, Roven says he only works with one Superman.

“I’m just attached to anything that’s been spun Superman. So when Henry Cavill is no longer a part Superman, so I’m not attached Superman. Right now, I think I’m attached now Defenders of justice. I’m attached Wonderful, and I’m attached Suicide squad. “

What do you think? Is there room for many versions of Superman? Do you think we’ll ever see Henry Cavill back in the role? Tell us on our social channels @ FlickeringMyth …


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