The developer creates the Material 12 background theme for Android 12, and it’s even better


The developer creates the Material 12 background theme for Android 12, and it’s even better

Material You’re just one of the many great things Android 12 promises to bring us this year, as we found out at the Google I / O 2021 event. One of the biggest improvements on the aesthetic side is the new UI theme system introduced by Android, which can match the look of your phone to any wallpaper you’re currently using.

The new look is being further developed in the beta phase, which is visible Android 12 beta. At this stage of development, the Material You theme can only change the look of the system interface and a few system applications, and third-party application developers have not yet been provided with the necessary documentation from Google to incorporate them into either of their applications.
The only way to get a glimpse of Material You as it develops is to download the full Android 12 Beta version a Pixel A phone, if you use one – something that ordinary users don’t recommend because if you’re not a programmer and know exactly what you’re doing, it’s a very easy way to mess up your phone seriously.

Developer Danny Lin has re-created the entire Material You theme and made it available across Android

However, an enthusiastic developer named Danny Lin has taken over to quench his thirst for a new theme. creating the whole look in a way that goes beyond everything we’ve yet seen from the original version of Google. Look for yourself:

Google Materials You may very well be exclusively available for the Google Pixel line. At its best, Pixel is definitely getting it first, and other devices will probably have to wait until next year to get an update. On the other hand, Danny Lin’s version has already been released and documented publicly for application developers to apply to their own work on all Android devices.

The Lin UI theme uses exactly the same color objects as the Material You theme – or, if you don’t want to match the wallpaper, you can also choose your own custom color theme.

There’s a “chroma” slider that lets you control the intensity of the tone if the original match is a little too sweet for your taste.

The line creation is open source and is intended for devices currently running iOS 11, but is also compatible with older versions. Its coding or APIs are not connected to or dependent on Android 12 in any way, although Lin actually worked with Google on part of the development of You You (or “many,” as it is nicknamed).

Danny Lin’s wallpaper can also change its color theme to 90 frames per second, which would go incredibly well with live or moving wallpapers (even if it taxed resources well):

Why bother coming up with a whole UI theme system when Google plans to release its own in a few months, you may ask? Well, it may well be because of an experiment. The creation of Lin also has an undeniable advantage, as it is compatible with all Android devices, not just Pixel (like Google’s theme).

You can also hardly argue that at the moment, Lin definitely has a color selection feature, unlike Material You in its current beta phase.

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