The Donkey Kong area of ​​Super Nintendo World may already be under construction


Super Nintendo World, Super Mario theme area at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, finally opened in March after several delays, and Nintendo may already be working on expanding the park. Like The VGC pointed out, Social media posts by recent USJ visitors have revealed cranes, scaffolding and jungle – themed backgrounds around Super Nintendo World, suggesting work is being done in the rumored Donkey Kong area.

Nintendo or Universal have never announced plans for Donkey Kong, but they have been rumored for many years. The leaked early Super Nintendo World concept images included plans for a separate Donkey Kong-themed zone, including a mined cart roller coaster. After opening, Super Nintendo World was exclusively Mario-themed, but there’s a prominently large locked door (above) that looks like it could serve as an entrance to a Donkey Kong-style part of the park. The DK property has also been determined from the USJ app, suggesting that there are extra collectibles in the park.

Donkey Kong is naturally suited to the current Super Nintendo World Park. Mario first appeared in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, of course, and Donkey Kong in turn appears in games like Mario Kart and various Mario-themed sports series. The addition should not compromise the feeling that Super Nintendo World is a unified park. However, that doesn’t mean the park doesn’t really cover the full width of Nintendo’s IP, and some of the shortcomings, such as Legend of Zelda feeling particularly obvious.

Universal also plans to open Nintendo areas in its parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore, but it has not yet been confirmed when their construction will be completed.

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