The Elagon Siri Remote case has space for Apple AirTag tracking

Apple’s new Siri Remote arrived without a built-in locator chip, so Elago has created the next best thing: R5 silicone case where there is room for Apple’s new AirTag tracking. According to Elago, it has a “THICK LAYER OF PREMIUM SILICONE” which is so dense that it can only be expressed as caps.

The $ 14.99 price does not include the cost of the $ 29 AirTag, but it promises to put an end to lost Siri remotes, especially if you own an iPhone with UWB to allow accurate tracking. It costs a lot more than comparable AirTag enclosures available from AliExpress list for just a few dollars, but well, this can be can be found on Amazon anything worth it. Alternatively, you can always Print only your 3D case if you have a more DIY vibe.

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