The end of Resident Evil Village explained: a spoiler-filled look at what it all means


Resident Evil Village is one of the best Resident Evil annotations today, and its story is a big part of it. Despite the fact that the Village only has about 10 hours of driving time, it manages to pack a bunch of story twists, turns and the wrong orientation, leading to a game that is as fascinating in its storytelling as the action pack.

Capcom has intelligently mixed the story of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the all-encompassing Resident Evil study. But when Resident Evil Village serves as the eighth mainline in the veteran series, knowing how these threads of narrative relate to each other can sometimes be a little confusing – especially when it comes to the end. So we’re going to look at how the Village ended, what it means for the characters involved and the questions that haven’t been answered.


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