The exciting new trailer for the Star Wars: Visions series is full of action and style


Disney has shared impressive trailer Star Wars: Visions, its anime anthology series will premiere on September 22nd Disney Plus. The trailer exudes style and flair, and it looks like the series is telling exciting new stories Star Wars universe.

Visions The program features nine animated short series from seven anime studios. Disney also unveiled an English dub voice selection with some big names like Alison Brie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Harbor, Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Liu and Temuera Morrison (who repeats her role as Boba Fettina). You can see more Actors here official Star Wars website. And Disney says you can watch the series on both the English dub screen and the original Japanese sound light.

The series is the latest Star Wars show to hit Disney Plus. Star Wars: Bad lot next night in May, and there are many Star Wars sets on the horizon, e.g. Book by Boba Fett and spinoff starring Diego Luna Cassian Andorina Rogue One.

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