The experience will come to Western players later this year


NCSoft has announced that it will bring The Blade and the Soul: Awakening free upgrade for western players later this year. This update upgrades the in-game engine to Unreal Engine 4, along with a few other features that go well for fans of this Asian-themed MMO. The new trailer can be seen below alongside some of the recently released screenshots.


Later this year, the free update will offer more than just graphical and performance updates, Wake-up also brings other changes and improvements, including:

  • Class Switching – A new system is introduced that gives players the freedom to switch classes and items belonging to categories, which increases game options for everyone.
  • Reactive Dungeon Battle System – This system gives players instant feedback on battle heroes in the form of screen animations. This also applies to joint attacks, party protection and other situations when carried out well.
  • Dungeon difficulty system – to create a more dynamic experience for veteran players, a new Dungeon difficulty system is added. This brings more challenges for players in later rounds.

In addition to the above, the update also includes a number of other improvements, such as graphics / lighting, improved charging and network optimization, and an improved user interface.


The center of the square of the kingdom of God-600x352

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