The Extreme Movie – Gaspar Noé Irrevocable


Irreversible, 2002.

Directed by Gaspar Noé.
Starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel.


Irreversible (2002) tells of intense language, gender, violence, and sexual violence in his account of a woman who was raped on the subway and whose boyfriend and ex-lover seek bloody revenge on the attacker. When it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the graphic violence and rape caused the audience to be horrified. Like Baise-moi (2000) the film already had a reputation even before it arrived in England. The length of the rape scene in 9 minutes also sets the alarm bells to ring.


The film begins with two men, Marcus and Pierre (Vincent Cassell and Albert Dupontel) being arrested by police and taken from a gay bar. Marcus’ hand is broken and he is taken by ambulance. Another man whose face has been crushed is also taken away. Marcus and Pierre had come to the gay bar in search of a man named Le Tenia. Marcus thought he had found him, but attacked the wrong man and broke his arm. His attacker was raping him, but Pierre broke Marcus’ attacker’s face with a fire extinguisher. Marcus and Pierre had traveled to this place after a transvestite prostitute had overthrown them, his couple Le Tenia was responsible for the rape and beatings of Marcus. girlfriend Alex (Monica Bellucci). Alex had left the party alone and decided to use the subway. He had then seen Le Tenia beat a transvestite prostitute who managed to get rid of it. Le Tenia had then turned her gaze to Alex and raped her at the knife point before breaking her face inside.


The film features a striking line of credit that sets the sound and style backwards with written credits and moves diagonally off the screen. The film also has a very impressive visual style with the camera constantly on the move and unusual camera angles. The minimalist soundtrack also adds to the confused feeling. The series, in which Marcus breaks his hand by a gay club man, is shockingly realistic, just as Pierre hits the attacker’s face with a fire extinguisher. These violent scenes are tolerable due to the constant movement of the camera. However, the rape scene does not use a great camera format and is shot directly and brutally. When Le Tenia has sexually assaulted Alex, he strikes him brutally, leaving his face collided and bruised. Alex struggles relentlessly through his ordeal and screams and cries for help as Le Tenia holds his hand over his mouth.


The BBFC released the film uncut due to a very brilliant depiction of rape and violence. Surprisingly, the Daily Mail was also shocked by this film, although its message was quite clearer than that Fall (1996). It was quite unfortunate that the rape scene in the film interfered with the rather cleverly made film. A reverse report means that the audience anticipates the terrible things that will happen to the main characters. As the film builds on its ‘happy’ ending, there is an undeniable sense of loss, even though Alex finds himself pregnant before his ordeal, the audience is aware that the world of him and his partner Marcus will be destroyed.

Santosh Sandhu

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