The fan-mounted Zephyr Pro mouse is much cooler than the original


About a year ago I wrote a a game mouse called Zephyr Comes with a unique feature: a built-in fan designed to cool your palm while playing games. It didn’t blow me up; the fan was loud, shaking a lot, and really didn’t feel very cool.

But the creators, now known as Marsback, are back with a new “sweat-resistant” gaming mouse called the Zephyr Pro. And that’s a big improvement.

The external design has not changed so much. The Zephyr Pro is a fairly discreet-looking gaming mouse with the necessary RGB lighting and a honeycomb body to reduce weight and increase airflow. The RGB headlight ribbon now travels around the bottom of the mouse around the left and right buttons.

Pro does not expand input options any more than its predecessor; There is still a standard setting of two side buttons and one top to adjust the DPI sensitivity. It’s understandably light, but it doesn’t feel too cheap, and it worked perfectly for me through tens of hours of different shooters.

The biggest change is in fan performance. I often noticed that I turned it off from the original Zephyr due to noise and vibration, but both have been significantly reduced with the Pro. It’s not quite quiet, but unlike the original, it’s hard to hear the hum of a regular computer or laptop.

A quieter fan does not represent a reduction in cooling capacity, according to Marsback. The tested Pro model is actually much more efficient in cooling, although it is compared to the original Zephyr prototype instead of the final product. The fan now fires straight up and not at a 45 degree angle, which seems impressive. You still shouldn’t expect to feel the air conditioner blow your palm, but I generally enjoy the cooling effect.

The Zephyr Pro has internal memory and software that allows you to customize button functions and RGB lighting, as well as extensive options for both. Surprisingly, there is no way to adjust the fan speed – you just turn it on and off with the button on the bottom of the mouse. Unlike the original Zephyr, however, there’s no reason to want to turn off the fan because it’s quiet enough at full power.

Finally, one of the best new features of the Zephyr Pro is the price. $ 59 is pretty reasonable for such a wired mouse and much more competitive than the $ 99 original Zephyr. Marsback also currently has a $ 10 offer on your first order online store.

There are definitely a lot of good options in this price range that don’t come with a fan, so this mouse is still not for everyone. But as a person living in a city with great summers, I’ve enjoyed Zephyr Pro in recent weeks. Gaming equipment tends to get hot, so it’s refreshing to use the opposite route.

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