The free social retro gaming platform Piepacker is now in open beta


Piepacker is a brand new social game multiplayer platform that is currently in open beta and allows players to play fully licensed retro games online, even completely with their friends. The platform already has plenty of games from various retro systems and from several publishers.


Piepacker started in kickstarter with a small $ 75,000 goal that it achieved in just 20 hours. The campaign raised a whopping $ 220,000, showing that the retro scene is very popular.

The games to be played are from a variety of platforms, including NES, SNES, Saturn, Mega Drive, NeoGeo and PlayStation in collaboration with Codemasters, Team 17 and Interplay, as well as indie developers such as Bitmap Bureau or Morphcat.

There are currently 60 games to play with upcoming ones. The current list includes:

  • 40 winks
  • Addiction to Pinball
  • Alligator Hunt
  • Another me
  • Barkley Shut up and Jam 2
  • Blender Bros
  • Böbl
  • With a lot of fighting
  • Brutal sports ball (Beastball)
  • Landing max
  • Dragon View
  • Kastemato Jim
  • Kastemato Jim 2
  • Evolution of football
  • The madness of football
  • Micro Maniacs Racing
  • Gekido
  • Glover
  • Gluf
  • Haunted Halloween 86
  • Penetration from the outside
  • Iron command
  • Legend
  • Legend (reboot)
  • Loaded
  • Maniac Square
  • Micro Mages
  • Wrong
  • Motor Mash
  • Nebs n Debs
  • Old tower
  • Football,
  • ODT – Escape or try to die.
  • Psycho Pinball
  • Radical Rex
  • Rag of the Dragons
  • Rageball
  • Sensible Soccer ’98: European Club Edition
  • Sensible football: European champions – 92/93 edition
  • Soccer child
  • Spacegulls
  • Stars Versus
  • Steel force
  • Street Racer
  • Summer challenge
  • Super Bat hole punch
  • Super paw-N
  • Gadget twins
  • People
  • Thunder Hoop 2
  • The best competitor
  • Twin Dragons
  • Ultimate Tennis
  • Water margin
  • The winter challenge
  • Worm explosion
  • Worms: Party of the World
  • X2: No relief
  • Xeno crisis
  • Yazzie
  • Zero tolerance

Visit Piepacker now for retro entertainment.

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