The Google Android app returns empty search results due to an error


The Google Android app returns empty search results due to an error

In the last few weeks, the fault has been affected Google application on Android. When performing a search, the user receives a blank answer. AndroidPolice says it has seen bug magic on several devices, including phones made by Samsung, Google and OnePlus.

If this happens to you, you can get annoyed, jump up and down on your phone, and start cursing the Google app. Or you can treat this like a calm, cool and collected person who you are, and ask for a search a second time. You may also consider forcibly closing the Google app because it appears to resolve the issue, at least temporarily.

Also, it seems that using the Chrome URL bar to perform a search doesn’t return an empty answer, so you may want to use Chrome’s search feature if getting a blank answer isn’t what you’re looking for in your search. request. We need to point out that receiving empty search results has nothing to do with the strength of your network or Wi-Fi connection.

Do we dare assume that Google is aware of this error and will hopefully work on an update to destroy this rather strange problem? Yes, we do because Search is Google’s most important business unit and accounted for $ 104 billion in revenue for the company last year. It accounted for 71% of Google’s gross advertising revenue and 57% of parent company Alphabet’s total revenue in 2020.

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