The Google leader resigns from the anti-Semitic past after the offensive manifesto

Google resigned with the cloud services director when he released LinkedIn Manifesto Israeli-Palestinian relations and his fiercely anti-Semitic past. CNBC reports Google was subject to internal criticism from Amr Awadallah, vice president of Google Cloud Developer Relations. Although Awadallah said he was publishing the work to promote tolerance and understanding, workers opposed the way Awadallah described Jews and expressed concern about his past beliefs.

On June 13, Awadallah began publishing “We’re One!” – a declaration that “I hated Jews, all Jews”! and this emphasizes the past. “The 10,000-word manifesto discussed his upbringing in Egypt, saying he had been” very careful “when working with Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford’s research adviser and founder of VMWare, but that Rosenblum had “turned me into a Jewish lover to be honest.” Awadallah also mentioned 23andMe’s analysis that he had 0.1 percent Jewish Jewish descent, claiming he “belongs”[s] to a Jewish ethnic group through DNA. “

At least one Google employee, Daniel Golding, publicly commented on the post. “On the other hand, I am grateful that you no longer hate my children. On the other hand, this has made my job as one of your colleagues much more difficult. The previous situation has made it difficult to become a Jewish leader at Google. This has made it almost unsustainable, ”Golding wrote. “I’m not sure why you write this under your title and business partnership and it frustrates me. You simply could have done this as an individual.”

CNBC discussed with employees that frustration had already been built on Awadallah’s leadership style and that the task had made it more difficult for employees to perform in effective developer relationships. Awadallah joined Google in 2019 after founding cloud services company Cloudera. After a tense all-hands meeting where employees encountered Awadallah from the mail, Google Cloud Engineering and Product Eyal Manor announced that he had sent an internal email announcing his departure. “I wanted to let you know that today is Amr Awadallah’s last day at Google,” it read in part, according to CNBC. Google declined to comment on the story, and Awadallah did not respond immediately to the request for comment. Limit was able to confirm that he was leaving the company.

Google, along with other technology companies, has faced growing internal conflicts in recent years. Employees are was pushed back against alleged bias and sexual harassment and inability to adhere to declared ideals, including distinguishing major researchers in the ethics of artificial intelligence which raised concerns about the company’s artificial intelligence. In an email reviewed by CNBC, Manor reportedly stated that Google’s work has been “particularly challenging with a number of organizational changes and leadership changes, as we have all survived the global pandemic and we do not benefit from communicating in person together as we used to.”

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