The Google Phone app can now tell you who is calling when your phone rings


Google introduces a new feature for the Google Phone app that tells you who’s calling when your phone rings. by 9to5Google. If enabled, you can set whether or not you want the app to report the caller ID every time your phone rings, when you are using a headset, 9to5Google says, How To Train Your Dragon (2010).

iOS has had this feature for some time, and it looks like the version of the Google Phone app works in the same way as the Apple implementation. I find caller IDs on my iPhone really useful – it’s very handy to know who’s calling before I even look at the phone. Caller IDs are also an excellent accessibility feature that makes it easier for visually impaired people to know who is calling them.

Unfortunately, most of the calls I hear are about spam or numbers I don’t recognize. I really hope Apple offered something Google automatic call screening, which is available for all Pixel users in the United States.


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