The Google Phone app will receive a long-delayed caller ID

Google keeps many useful features and applications exclusive Pixel phones. Fortunately, these will remain exclusively with Google’s own smartphone brand for a limited time only, so most Android users will benefit from these software updates sooner or later.

The Phone app was one such exclusive software that was originally available in the Pixel series, but then was available to all Android users in September. Unfortunately, the new Google Phone app was missing some basic features, such as caller ID.

Although we said at the time that Google was already testing the caller ID and that it would soon bring the feature to the Google Phone app, the search giant took eight months before it was actually made available to Android users.

People XDA developers noticed a new caller ID feature in the Google Phone app, which now appears as a new setting. Android users can turn on Caller ID notifications for all calls or only for calls received while using a headset. Of course, it is also possible to deactivate the caller ID completely.

A new feature is now available The latest version of the Google Phone app, so you may want to check for a new update to start using the Caller ID feature on your Android phone.

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