The Google Pixel Buds A-Series was accidentally revealed in an official tweet


Google Pixel Buds A. (or ‘A-Series’ as they are named) Google itself has been able to confirm twice – first in a supposed tweet (already removed) from an official account on both a German site, adding the possibility that a new, more affordable version of real wireless headsets is coming.

The Twitter tweet came from an official @ Android account and was presumably present for all ten minutes before it was condensed. It refers to the ‘new Pixel Buds A-Series’ and mentions ‘one-tap Bluetooth pairing with an updated Fast Pair experience’.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Tweetdeck screenshot from the official @ Android tweet. (Image credit: Google)

Twitter also features a Buds A-Series image (as in the image above) that reveals a true wireless in-ear headset and a charging case that looks identical to previous Google Pixel Buds (albeit completely white, with a white border). But apart from the look and feel of the ‘Fast Pair’ feature, the tweet doesn’t look like anything else from the new in-ear headphones.


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