The Google pixelbook 12in – Is it the best ever Chromebook yet?

It’s true Chromebooks that are compact make a comeback, thanks to the unique style of their designs.

It’s quite surprising to think that Chromebooks are experiencing a surge of attention these days. Chromebooks are different from conventional laptops and PCs in that they focus on how their efficiency they have and their astounding speed. They make use of the power of Chrome OS, a segregated operating system that includes all the features Google has to offer and a range of security features as well as massive cloud storage.

One of these Chromebooks which soared on the market was the Google Pixelbook 12. With its modern, sleek and minimalist style, it’s the first laptop ever with Google Assistant right at the tip of your fingers! By pressing a single click of the google assistant button on your keyboard, or simply shouting “Ok Google”, you are in the best position to have the world at your fingertips! It comes with the 7th generation Intel core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage space It is equipped with a touch screen that is 360 degrees and the first 4 in one interface (laptop-tablet and tent, or the entertainment mode.)

Select the Google Pixelbook 12in version if 

It is vital to pick the ideal laptop taking into consideration the work you’re likely to perform on your laptop. The Google Pixelbook 12in is an ideal choice for people working with lots of data. If your day-to-day activities don’t involve a lot of internet surfing and you don’t have a lot of time to do it, then Google Pixelbook may not be the best option for you. Although it’s an excellent laptop that can perform a variety of purposes, it’s not the most suitable one to use for business. It is ideal for people who are looking for speed and looking for laptops that can cope with the demands of heavy data traffic.


The device is equipped with 41-watt Li-ion cell batteries which last for up to 10 hours when fully recharged. It’s also fast charging which means you can enjoy two hours of usage in just 15 minutes. Google Pixelbook 12 is equipped with an in-built light sensor that is convenient and a hall sensor as well as an accelerometer, and a magnetometer.

Display and Appearance


The device is made up of different materials, such as aluminium for the shell that covers the outside and rubber for the wrist that rests on the keyboard and the smooth surface of the trackpad to add aesthetics to the design.

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The plastic keys with backlights offer a sensational feeling when typing. There is only one press needed and a moderate bounce. It features an automated control of lighting using a brightness sensor, so you don’t have to alter the lighting.

The trackpad is incredibly easy to use and is nearly the same as the mouse. Swiping and scrolling are as fast and precise, due to the size of the device! As it is the mouse. Swiping and scrolling are both easy and secure because of their small size. Physical clicks work only at the bottom of the screen. This prevents potential chaos when compared to the anywhere click features.

About The Chrome OS

The operating system is utilized mostly in laptops of the recent generation and the primary advantages are:

  • Fast and only takes small quantities of time.
  • The boot time has been increased.
  • Cloud-based (Auto-sync online and offline)

Overall it provides a fast internet connection, as well as regular updates, and an extremely responsive system software. The threat is eliminated while the system is secure and secure.

The Google Pixelbook’s primary competitor in the market

HP Chromebook 13

The availability for Chrome OS, with the same sleek and minimalist design but doesn’t have touchscreen support.

Apple MacBook Pro 12 inches.

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There are a variety of professional tools are available that require less maintenance than Windows. It’s not the most attractive visually however, the cost for both is almost identical, including the eighth-generation Core i7 processor, 256GB of storage, and the touch-enabled 3,200×1,800 version.

So, is the Google Pixelbook 12 worth the price?


This Google Pixelbook delivers incredible results for the small-scale crops you plant. It comes with a camera of 1080p resolution and a long-lasting battery for everyday use, an impressive keyboard, a slim, light modern design and modernized Chrome OS that is smooth to use It offers a value for money! Although, the heat dissipation mechanism and the absence of biometrics are small hurdles, however, the performance and overall experience of working with The Google Pixelbook are truly remarkable!

The Google Pixelbook 12 – Review

The screen size of notebooks is always a major concern especially it’s the case with Google Pixelbook 12in is no exception. If you’ve just emerged from a large flat screen or a laptop with a 16-inch the 12-inch Pixelbook may seem a bit smaller. But, a 12-inch screen has an increased PPI (pixels-per-inch) ratio than larger laptops. Also, the Pixelbook is significantly higher than laptops with 17-inch or 16-inch screens.

Don’t allow the small screen to stop you from buying a Pixel book, since it will allow you to stream YouTube or stream a film with a higher resolution than similar IPS display LCDs. However, the reviews are the most important thing and they’ve been mostly positive due to the device’s smaller overall dimensions and the outstanding usability of both its Chrome OS as well as the physical.

Even if you’re not fond of Chrome OS, the Google Pixelbook 12 is worth taking a look at and trying! The Pixelbook 12in is the ideal choice for those seeking a home-based Google laptop that isn’t the earth, yet packs an impressive punch.

Pixelbook12 – Features

It’s a new version of Google Chromebooks that are much more efficient, faster and capable of completing various tasks in just minutes. However, even though the base Pixelbook has a 7th-Gen i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM it’s targeted at those seeking an affordable alternative to Windows computers with mediocre processing capabilities. Google, however, on the other claim that the product was designed for use by the home and not intended for business-like usage since Windows is the most reliable operating system that businesses have currently.

Like Google’s Nexus similar to the Nexus Pixel smartphones Google’s Pixelbook illustrates how a pure and free version that runs Android and Chrome OS could be useful to users. Additionally, it’s refreshing out of the macOS as well as Windows 10 PCs that appear to comprise the vast majority of computers.

Pixelbook12 – Performance

Let’s look at the specs of the Google Pixelbook 12 first. It’s no secret that these devices are equipped with plenty of performance under the hood in addition, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is available in two variations that are i5 and i7. If you’re looking for something faster than the standard clock speed, you’ll require an i7. There’s plenty of power available with the 7th generation Intel CPUs.

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Then, we’d like to discuss random-access memory as well as reading-only memory (ROM). This SSD NVMexpress standard comes with 256 GB of flash memory as well as 8GB of RAM. If you wish to go further you can also add sixteen gigabytes of memory as well as up to 500 gigabytes of NVMexpress SSD. The most powerful weapons of our 21st-century world!

Pixelbook12 – Display Specifications

For a laptop with this dimension, size and cost this 31.2cm (12-inch) wide IPS screen is plenty. Drops will not be an issue thanks to the Corning Gorilla protection. If you want to watch movies or Netflix The Google Pixelbook 12’s display will be an amazing experience to behold due to its resolution of 1920×1080 (166ppi Density) with a 72-per cent NTSC colour gamut. This makes it a powerful contender on the market for laptop displays.

Miscellaneous Features

Although it is a notebook computer, it is a notebook computer with numerous capabilities. It’s a tablet-sized computer that has a small but handy keyboard that is integrated with the beautiful aluminium chassis. It has a 360-degree flip design which lets you use touchscreens. You don’t have to contend with the stress of having hinges go out at every few turns due to the elegant hinge design and light construction.

Sensor Array

The Pixelbook 12 is equipped with numerous sensors as well as other features. There’s a hall detector and a 3-axis accelerometer. There’s also a magnetometer, as well as the basic luminescence sensor. They are available in both versions.

Ports and Battery

The battery is what the laptop’s small size does not have. In comparison to laptops of the same size that can last more than 10 hours on one charge, the battery appears to be a bit short even though it boasts an impressive run-time of 10 hours and fast charging. Additionally, there are two USB-C connectors as well as headphones and a microphone 3.5mm multifunctional jack in the Google Pixelbook 12 in.

Google Pixelbook and Creativity

The Pixelbook is a device that can be used to accomplish a range of tasks. It can be used to work, train and watch videos for leisure activities. You can also utilize a variety of programs to accomplish this. Apart from that, it is possible to use Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint. The Pixelbook is perfect to draw, write as well as painting.

Gaming in Google Pixel Book

Google Pixelbook 12 is perfect for game designers. It can be used with consoles and computer gaming. Gamers can also play games on mobile devices that are available on Google Play.

Google Pixelbook 12 – Advantages

Modern Design

The appealing design and attractive construction and design of the Google Pixelbook are one of its advantages. It is a top-quality device and its high-end design makes it a compelling device to buy. The Pixelbook is a sleek and stylish device and a display that is high resolution.

Android Support

Android application compatibility is yet another major benefit for Google’s Google Pixelbook. The manufacturer promises superior quality of entertainment and efficiency through Android compatibility.

Excellent Keyboard

A large keyboard is an investment that is worth it. With its huge keyboard and its large display, Pixelbook 12 stands out from the crowd. Pixelbook 12 stands apart from its rivals.

Google Pixelbook 12 – Disadvantages

No Biometric

The absence of biometric security could make it difficult to secure the device and the information of the consumer. The Pixelbook’s absence in biometric security could be an issue.

Purchase it If…

If you’re in search of the best Google Chromebook experience

From its gorgeous build quality to its stunning and extensive software, the Chromebook is among the top that is available for this price. Because Chrome OS is roughly equal to the established OSes, the common user will not lose the same amount.

If you’re looking to get the top laptop keyboard

The Pixelbook 12 has the most incredible combination of sound and feedback that you can find on any laptop. The keyboard’s convenience alone is enough for us to consider this notebook our main device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this Google Pixelbook 12is better in contrast with MacBook Air? MacBook Air?

It’s cost-effective! The MacBook costs more than twice the price (beginning at $999) and offers a lower degree of functionality compared to the iMac. Google Pixel books, on contrary, come with many options that MacBooks lack.

Is Microsoft Office compatible with the Google Pixelbook?

Yes! Microsoft Office is preinstalled on numerous pixel books as they’re designed for professional and personal usage. If you don’t wish to utilize Microsoft Office, you may still use the Microsoft-branded Google versions of Slides, Word, and Excel.

What Operating System is the Pixel books using?

Chrome OS, Google’s entrance into the PC software market runs Pixel laptops. Due to the excellent and user-friendly appearance and feel it’s a system that anyone can learn to master.

Final Words

The Pixelbook 12 by Google is the most affordable laptop that you can purchase. It has both its advantages and drawbacks that, in particular, the latter are infamously discussed by Windows as well as Mac users, however, indeed, it’s still the most used operating system. So long as you don’t need a lot of computing horsepower, then the Pixelbook is an ideal choice for personal use. If you look at its striking appearance and top-quality materials, it can make other laptops appear old-fashioned.

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