The Google TV update adds the option to manually clear the Resume row

Google TV, a new smart TV interface that debuts on Google latest Chromecast, appears to be making a small but important change to its Continue Watching line. Over At Reddit (through 9to5Google) user u / Alfatango97 has discovered a new option to manually hide annotations from a line to allow viewers to quickly switch to unfinished TV shows or movies.

When it works, the Resume Watch line is a convenient way to choose where your watch was paused. But sometimes it can be full of content that you started watching and has no intention of quitting, or content that is complete but whose credits are so long that it still appears unfinished. If you want to clear the row manually, it should make it easier to display views and movies that you really want to stop.

It’s the latest example of Google’s two TV connections – Android TV and Google TV – slowly converging. 9to5Google notes that the ability to manually trim titles from the “keep watching” list has been possible on Android TV for some time, it is just moving to Google TV. Meanwhile, Android TV has received a series of updates that have done it Look and run more and more like Google TV. Convergence seems inevitable given that Google TV is set will replace Android TV in the next two years.

9to5Google points out that the feature has not yet been widely introduced. We’ve contacted Google and asked when it should be available to everyone, and we’ll update this article if we hear about it.

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