The Greatest Luxury Hotels in the Pink City of Jaipur


The Indian state of Rajasthan’s capital is located in a city called Jaipur. Jaipur is a beautiful city that got its nickname, “The Pink City,” from the typical pink hue of its marble structures. The City Palace complex, with its stunning colonnades, parks, and institutions, serves as the city’s cultural heart. With a portion of it still serving as a regal home, it is no wonder that it has held the public’s attention for so long.

Jaipur is known for its royal luxury, and the city’s many unique hotels reflect this.

The Best and Most Unique Luxury Hotels in Jaipur

Laxmi Palace Hotel

The luxurious Laxmi Palace Hotel offers a charming private stay with a traditional style. The hotel occupies a Mughal-style palace in a quiet neighbourhood just a short distance from the city’s major transportation nodes.

The Laxmi Palace features a pool, a coffee shop, and a rooftop restaurant. There is both a business centre and a banquet hall suitable for events. The hotel provides security around the clock, and a superintendent is always on duty. In the event of a power outage, visitors have access to a generator, laundry services, and on-call doctors.

Anuraag Villa

Anuraag Villa is a that provides all of the luxuries of good living while staying within your budget. It provides a pleasant experience of a pleasant and satisfying stay in Jaipur with a very advantageous position as the hotel is near a bus stop, the major train station, and even the guarded city mart (city market).

Pearl Palace Heritage

The Pearl Palace Heritage is a one-of-a-kind place to stay in Jaipur that you can’t miss. This luxurious retreat is about 3 miles from the Hawa Mahal and treats its visitors like royalty. The hotel honours the history of royal princes and the arts of the zone.

This luxurious, unique retail experience combines modern luxury with traditional design elements. The Pearl Palace, known for its high-quality, individualised service, focuses on a distinct Indian visual style on each level.

The Raj Palace

The Raj Palace, Jaipur’s oldest palace, was established in 1727 as a luxurious home for a king. This lavish luxury experience has been running as a hotel since 1996 and is located in the city centre.

As soon as guests walk in, they’ll feel like they’re somewhere fancy because they’ll be given drinks and flower bouquets. The construction of the 17th century and the Mughal period had a significant impact on the design.

Every room at The Raj Palace has a different theme that shows off this diverse cultural background. Some of the guestrooms are like museums, with old things and artefacts from the past. This is the only place in India with these choices.

Royal Heritage Haveli

The beautiful Royal Heritage Haveli, which was constructed in the 18th century as a hunting retreat for Madho Singh Ji, now runs as a luxurious boutique hotel. The Royal Heritage Haveli, designed for the discriminating tourist, enables guests to journey back in time while offering luxurious, individualised service.

The hotel has a granite pool, a top-notch restaurant, and a beautiful porch that can be used for eating in the winter and is shaded by a banyan tree. On-site entertainment includes live music featuring classical instruments such as the santoor and drum.

Tara Niwas

Tara Niwas, a family-run small hotel, offers high-quality service to visitors of all budgets. This hotel is conveniently located in Bani Park in central Jaipur, close to public transit and some of the city’s finest sights, including the Amber Fort.

Tara Niwas is a secure location, with workers on hand to provide thoughtful, individualised service to all types of guests. The hotel has a gym, and guests can get Ayurvedic treatments and learn how to meditate by making an appointment.

Anuraag Villa has been one of the best boutique hotels in Jaipur for the last 10 years because it has a high level of hospitality and all the modern amenities you need for a wonderful stay. Anuraag Villa offers a wide range of services and amenities that are unmatched.

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