The Harley-Davidson custom electric chipper is up for auction, and I need to get it


Series 1, an electric bicycle company that left Harley-Davidson last year, makes unique, custom – made electric bikes and Auction them online. The first is Schwinn Sting-Ray-inspired Mosh / Chopper, which the company describes as a “psychedelic, hand-painted banana spot,” and oh boy, do I want it.

Unfortunately, my chances are slim. First, Serial 1 does only one of these. Mosh / Chopper is the first product in the company’s new 1-OFF series, where it designs, builds and publishes single-edition (i.e., just one) electric bikes year-round and auctiones them online.

The current offer is $ 6,700, which is a little too expensive for my taste. The auction closes on August 11 at 5pm, so there’s not much time left to bid. Anyone wins, let me quote it for a moment. I desperately want to put baseball cards on its surfaces and attach the streamers to the handlebar.

To be honest, I didn’t grow up in the 1960s, so I never owned a Sting-Raya, but damn if this isn’t a great tribute to the cruisers of that era. Serial 1 unveiled Mosh / Chopper at the 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last week, a sign that the company is leaning on the motorcycle to its roots in future projects. The bike was also built by two Milwaukee-based helicopter builders, Warren Heir Jr. and Kendall Lutchman JR for fabrication and welding.

“Customization is such an important part of a motorcycle owner’s experience,” says Aaron Frank, Serial 1’s brand manager. “For decades, people have changed their motorcycles to match their unique style and taste. The 1-OFF series applies the same spirit of individuality and personalization to eBikes and shows people how much fun it is to create an electric bike that fits their own personality. “

The Mosh / Chopper is not just a beautiful electric bike; It also offers efficient transmission thanks to Harley-Davidson’s design expertise and a host of well-procured components. Much like Serial 1 standard electric bike rangeThe chopper features a Gates Carbon Drive belt, a German Brose mid-range motor capable of producing 250 watts of continuous power and reaching a top speed of 20 mph. In addition, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables and wires, and integrated lighting.

In addition, the Chopper has many customized features: a long and low banana seat supported by a customized stainless steel sister bar, and a high-level handlebar that creates a comfortable driving position for a relaxing cruise. The 60s-era Street Freak painting, consisting of a silver microfiber primer coated on the surface of the House of Color’s “oriental blue Kandy,” certainly looks stunning in sunlight. And other finishes, such as intricate panels, freak drops, hand-painted pinstripes, and one-stroke scripts, complete the package.

So once again, if you happen to make a winning bid on this bike, my email address is [email protected]. Take contact. I know I’ll never own it, but maybe I can drive it once. Just around the block?

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