The Hidden Features of UPI


UPI has made its mark in the market, and its use and popularity are rapidly growing. It has enabled people to make payments with utmost ease, without the headache of counting notes, storing cash, and being worried about the change. You can find a QR code to scan to pay at almost every shop. Local vendors to multiplexes, you will find a QR code for every business where you need to make a payment. 

One of the reasons to opt for this payment mode is the cashback UPI apps. These platforms allow you to make transactions and get rewards in return. You can use these reward points to shop more or make another payment. There are countless benefits of the cashback UPI app. However, there are many hidden features about which people do not know. Let us take a deeper insight into them.

Hidden features of a UPI

  • Added Security

With the growth and improvement of the UPI payment mode, concerns about data safety also arise. There was a question on how secure is your account detail and other information you put on the app. Thus, as per the guidelines of NPCI, every reliable and reputed app that you use these days follows data safety norms to provide end-to-end security. At the same time, you also need to be vigilant and turn on the two-step authentication and other security measures to keep your transactions safe.

  • Point and Shoot

The learning curve of a scan-to-pay app is considerably low. Anyone with a smartphone and reliable internet connection can use the cashback UPI app with utmost convenience. You wouldn’t need any formal training or help to learn to use the app. Follow the guidelines for registration to sign up on the app, and you can start using it to make payments. 

  • Marketing Tool

It may sound surprising to many, but business owners can use the cashback UPI app for marketing. They can offer cashback offers to their customers on making payments through the app. These offers can be app-specific to encourage users to make online payments. Additionally, these apps also have ads going on. You can spend on that ad space and reach a wider audience, increasing your revenue to manifolds. 

  • Save Big

If you opt to pay through a QR code, you automatically save a lot on your digital transactions. Any consumer paying through a credit or debit card has to pay a specific transaction fee on each payment. As per stats, people around the globe save millions of rupees that they use to pay as transaction fees. In addition to that, if you make multiple transactions through these apps, you get significant cashback offers and discounts, which you can use to make other payments. 

  • Signed Intent and QR

QR codes are not only for payments. You can also verify users by scanning these codes. This way, you can ascertain that whether the merchant you are paying has UPI verification or not. This hidden feature of a scan qr codes app saves the consumer from falling prey to app frauds. It is the most fruitful feature as digital payment frauds can wipe off your entire account within seconds.

 Staying informed about these features will help the user enjoy added perks of every cashback UPI app. However, you should choose a reliable app to use the scan-to-pay mode. Read reviews left by other users, check ratings on multiple platforms, and take a virtual tour before you decide to use any app. Stay vigilant and informed about all the features and use of the app to make the most of it and turn your shopping experience fruitful. 

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