The hot rumor calls for Samsung to replace Bixby with a 3D assistant named Sam


There is speculation on the Internet about Samsung’s possible new 3D audio assistant named Sam. One such rumor comes from a Twitter user’s tweet with handle Tech Agent (@ techagent26) who calls the new assistant “beautiful.” “Sam” is reportedly designed by a visual production company called Lightfarm, which has released several rendering and photos of the assistant.
It is unclear whether Samsung has formally requested compensation for the much-beaten Bixby. By Delete the mailbox, it is possible that Lightfarm created the “Sam” technology, even though one of the companies involved in creating Sam is an advertising agency controlled by Samsung.

Lightfarm issued a statement saying, “Throughout the process, the team was dedicated to developing realistic materials, mainly for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam looked aesthetic. Sam was an incredible partnership between Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are excited to be involved in this project!”

Samsung launched its first smart personal assistant, S Voice, on May 30, 2012, and the first phone to have this feature was Samsung Galaxy S III. The final version of S Voice was released on August 18, 2017. Earlier that year, on April 21, Bixby debuted.
If “Sam” is legal, it goes against Google Assistant which most consider the best of the digital assistants. Amazon’s Alexa would be next with Apple’s Siri in third.

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