The Huawei P50 flagship will launch on July 29th

Huawei’s next ticket phone, P50, is scheduled to launch on July 29, the company has announced. By writing on his own Weibo page, CEO of Huawei Consumer Group Richard Yu said (via Google translation) that the phone would mark the beginning of a “new era of mobile imaging,” suggesting that Huawei may once again place cameras at the center of its future flagship.

The launch is a little over a year after Huawei announced the P40 series, but the launch of the P50 has not been certain. The U.S. sanctions imposed on the company for national security reasons are seriously Huawei’s ability to produce its own Kirin chipsets, which casts doubt on its ability to release new flagships. “For reasons you all know, no release date has been set,” Yu said as he teased the design of the P50 last month during the startup event.

These chip challenges, coupled with sanctions, mean that Huawei can no longer install Google applications and services on its devices, have weakened Huawei’s market share. Globally, it did not rank among the top five smartphone suppliers in the second quarter (after being the largest in the same quarter of the previous year) and even domestically in China Oppo passed it to become the country’s most popular smartphone brand in January.

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