The IBM president says the chip shortage will last for a few years


IBM CPU size for salt granules

In interview with the BBC, IBM President Jim Whitehurst warned that the chip shortage could last “a few years” longer. The quote reiterates similar claims Nvidia and Intel, who have personally experienced supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Even with the rise in vaccinations and the return of a normal feeling to parts of the world, things will remain in the semiconductor industry for at least a few years. “There is only a big delay between technology development and when [a fabrication plant] construction and when the chips come out, Whitehurst explained.

IBM recently announced the world’s first 2 nm chip, by setting a new beam for the semiconductor industry. It seems that manufacturers will not use this technology soon. Whitehurst said the industry needs to find ways to use and extend the life of information technology to overcome the shortcoming.

Interrupted supply chains are one reason for semiconductor shortages, but they are not the only ones. The growth in demand has also had an impact. The semiconductor industry association’s market continues to grow in the semiconductor industry, with revenue in the first quarter of 2021 exceeding 17.8 percent in the corresponding quarter of 2020.

According to market research firm IDC, the biggest driver of demand is semiconductors in computing systems, followed closely by smartphones. This has caused shortage of graphics cards, game consoles, laptops and even cars.

Apple, which has long been able to secure chips for its products, has also felt the pressure. A report from April Apple claims that Apple delayed the manufacture of the MacBook Pro and iPad due to a lack of components. Samsung has similar problems, citing a “serious imbalance between supply and demand.”

It may take a few years, but the semiconductor industry is building again. Last month, President Joe Biden announced a $ 50 billion investment in industry as part of an American employment plan, and semiconductor giants like TSMC have already in the negotiations utilize funding to increase domestic production.

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