The IMDb TV app is finally arriving for iOS and Android


With Amazon’s free streaming service, IMDb TV now has its own app for iPhone, iPad and Android after it was released on other major platforms earlier this year.

IMDb TV is a dedicated hub for free, ad-supported movies and series, as well as its own original original products produced by Amazon Studios. Previously, the content interface for IMDb TV was found in the primary IMDb app, but a separate streaming app for the service was not available for iOS and Android. The spokesman said Limit the content is still available for streaming via IMDb, but the new IMDb TV app is “designed for the streaming experience”.

The content disc of the IMDb TV is quite good, even if its originals have tried to get as much brilliance as the headlines from the larger premium services. But if you don’t care about commercials, the service can stream a lot of great stuff for free, like documentaries, sci-fi titles, drama and plenty of hop TV. Crazy men, How to train your dragon, Schitt’s Creekand Lost all are currently streaming on the service.

In addition, the recently announced agreement with Universal with IMDb-TV also exclusively stream some live-action and animated titles from the studio after appearances in theaters and a short pay-one premiere at Peacock.

The app was previously available for most large streaming devices and some smart TVs such as Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, Android TV, Android TV OS, newer LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Chromecast with Google TV and Nvidia Shield. It is also available as a free channel in the Prime Video experience.

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